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Sumo wrestling Schedule

with this, we booked our tickets in advance and counted along the days until it absolutely was time for you view some sumo wrestling!!

You can find six Grand Tournaments each year, happening from the odd months. For fifteen days, starting and ending on a Sunday, wrestling matches take place every day, beginning in the morning and lasting until 6 pm at night. Although we had been in Japan, the July event was at Nagoya. We had been staying in Tokyo, which got united states just one more round-trip journey from the Shinkansen, one thing nothing people had been whining about.Sumo Only this time we didn't have a view of Mt. Fuji from screen as Japan ended up being getting hit by a typhoon.

In Nagoya, the sumo wrestling tournament is held at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium. The initial match for the day starts at 8:30 am. During the morning hours the gymnasium reaches its quietest, as soon as the least expensive ranking wrestlers are receiving their particular matches.container Seat Sumo Wrestling people arrive between 2 and 4 pm, prior to the greatest position Sumo wrestlers start their particular suits. We attained 1:30 pm, for two reasons. We paid a great deal for our chairs and desired to take pleasure in the knowledge whenever you can, but more to the point, showing up early permitted us to get better photos once we could sneak into the higher seating and right up into the action.

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Where You Can Stay

You can find three tiers of seating available. The ringside seats, those down on the floor inside front associated with band, are the highest listed and most unique. I've heard that these seats are merely readily available for Japanese citizens although I do perhaps not know if this might be true.

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