Irish Girls Sumo Wrestling

Girls Sumo wrestling

Dandara SikorskiThe combatants go into the clay band barefoot. Luciana Watanabe cracks the woman neck. Her opponent, Fernanda Pelegrini, smoothes the woman ponytail. The Brazilian sumo wrestlers lower their fists to the dirt, their health loaded in a linebacker's squat.

They grapple, unleashing a fit of tugs and twists. Pelegrini plows into Watanabe, whoever foot skid throughout the sand. The set spins wildly. Watanabe seizes Pelegrini by the mawashi, the Japanese loincloth used during matches, very nearly heaving her away from group. But Pelegrini locks in. She hoists Watanabe away, winning the bout.

At Sao Paulo's Estadio Municipal Mie Nishi de Sumo — the actual only real sumo-exclusive training center worldwide outside Japan — ladies aren't just breaking a cup roof in a centuries-old recreation; they may be stomping in the flooring.

"it will take strength. Strategy. Explosiveness, " claims Watanabe, a 31-year-old who's one of the best-known around the world inside her lightweight (under 65 kilograms) division. "Female sumo is a paradigm change. It's challenging prejudices."

Watanabe is a pioneer inside ever more popular martial-art of "sumo feminino" in Brazil and Eastern European countries, and a noisy sound in the push because of the Global Sumo Federation to introduce the activity as an Olympic medalling event for males and females.

She actually is in addition an advisor, barking directions to teenager boys and girls during no-cost lessons on Sundays.

Dandara Sikorski, 10, operates through sumo drills together with her aunt, Fernanda Pelegrini. Sikorski started mastering sumo this current year, attending no-cost Sunday courses. (Matt Kwong/CBC)

"Hakkeyoi!" she commands, chopping the woman hand through environment to signal the beginning of a new match as a boy and a girl barrel towards each other.

Mixed-gender sparring is common right here. During one bout, a young adult woman in a neon-yellow shirt ambles toward her smaller adversary, a bare-chested kid no more than five. She hoists him by his mawashi, easily depositing him beyond your 4.55-metre-diameter wrestling boundary generally a dohyo.

It really is more than after barely five seconds. The wrestlers bow to one another.

Brazilian feminine sumo team'Equal-opportunity recreation'

"we come across sumo as an equal-opportunity sport, " states Watanabe, whose grandfather was Japanese and just who matters by herself among Brazil's nearly two million Nikkei descendants, the biggest Japanese population outside of the birthplace of sumo.

The phys ed instructor, just who packs a stocky rugby player's body, has actually attempted for over a decade to prove females need a place within the dohyo — a solely male domain by a-1, 500-year-old custom.

"there was clearly this misconception that ladies bring misfortune, " claims Willian Higuchi, vice-president for the Brazilian Association of Sumo, describing that sumo's originators believed females had been "impure" and could sully the ring.

"In past times, ladies couldn't even touch an expert sumo wrestler. Once I had been just a little child, my mother couldn't wash my mawashi."

— @matt_kwong

In 2000, Japan's first female governor, Fusae Ota, was forbidden from entering a dohyo to prize prizes at a specialist sumo event. The woman male deputy carried out the obligations in her destination. A-year later, the Overseas Sumo Federation launched the very first Females Sumo World Championships in Japan.

More cracks are creating when you look at the once-unbreachable clay surface forbidding feminine sumo rivals. Watanabe has a worldwide system to make her instance.

Last Tuesday, the 14-time Brazilian sumo champ hoisted the Rio 2016 Olympic burn included in the formal burn relay, carrying the flame through the woman home town of Suzano. It had been a recognition of female sumo's prominence within South US nation whilst readies to host the 2016 Summer Games.

"it's not necessary to be a guy to do it. You don't need to be fat to get it done. You don't need to be Japanese, " says Watanabe, who hopes to see sumo into the Olympics, maybe by 2024 — three years after Olympic authorities mandated against single-sex events.

— @matt_kwong

Working drills

She estimates you can find up to 600 sumo professionals of both genders across Brazil, with many instruction across Sao Paulo's seven wrestling organizations.

"I feel pleased to be a female wrestler because I happened to be one of the primary ones, " she states, blinking a mouthful of braces. "we saw a brief history of female sumo, and now you can find little children wrestling, in addition they say they get motivated by me personally, therefore I have also happier."

Pelegrini, a middleweight (65–80 kg) competitor who in addition wrestles on Brazilian ladies nationwide staff with Watanabe, brings the woman niece, Dandara, on Sunday classes. They operate grappling exercises together.

— @matt_kwong

"I think it's super cool to wrestle sumo, " the 10-year-old says, adding she wants to be a sumo wrestler like her aunt some day.

Strong women can inhabit different actual types, but method is more prized than dimensions, Watanabe states. And although human anatomy picture issues occur in Brazil as they do in Canada plus the U.S., beach culture also contains all method of sizes and shapes. Not merely the slim flaunt microscopic bikinis.

People in Brazil's nationwide female sumo-wrestling staff, inside their blue singlets, pose with a few of their female pupils at a sumo training center in Sao Paulo. From left: Fernanda Pelegrini, Vitoria Trajano, Sarah Gomes, Luciana Watanabe. (Matt Kwong/CBC)

Higuchi pitches sumo as a task that welcomes would-be professional athletes desperate for an activity that meets themselves kind.

"There's a stigma that sumo wrestlers have to be fat. That isn't real after all, " Higuchi states. "But there are numerous young ones who cannot do any recreations simply because they were overweight, in addition they come to sumo plus they found by themselves."

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