Sumo Squat

Sumo jump squat

Sumo jump squat

There is much debate about correct alignment of this sides whenever doing a squat. Small lordosis is normally advised - what this means is the trunk curves inward a little and it is maybe not curved. This engages the spinal erectae, or muscles that protect the spine. A neutral hip place may also be used. The simple hip place, you just turn the top of the pelvis back and bottom…

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Sumo squat Video

Sumo squat Video

Start at the 1st pic in the series After completing the rituals, the wrestlers squat and face each other in the center of the ring, crouching forward in a get set position, supporting themselves with their fists on the ground and glaring fiercely at each other. They dont begin the match at once, however, spending the next few minutes engaged in a kind of psychological warfare…

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