Sumo Wrestling Suits

Sumo Wrestling suits for Rentals

hydro blasterOur Interactives are specifically preferred at investment raisers, company picnics, school and church occasions, and much more. Hold competitions, wrestle your boss, and joust with your neighbors for each and every day of unending laughter and fun!

Water Hiking Balls or Liquid Walkers

This Staffed appeal includes to 4 liquid Walkers. Demand Details!

Pool Dimensions: 25 x 25. Set up location should be pre-approved.

Hydro Blaster (2-station)

Pump water quickly! This awesome brand new attraction blows a liquid ballon over your friends head! A fantastic Team Building and Family task!

hydro blasterRent for 9 (includes 100 Balloons). Proportions: 2w x 6h x 2d

Sumo Matches

Match Up and bust bellies with this specific popular sumo wrestling online game. Great enjoyable for many types of functions and corporate activities. Is sold with a Ring/Pad.

Lease for $199 (Delivered) or $179 (Customer Pick-Up)! Mat Dimensions: 15W x 15L

Gladiator Joust Arena

Challenge your dad, your sibling, or friends and family on our Gladiator Joust Arena! Great for older young ones and adults.

sumo suitRent for 9! Dimensions: 20W x 20L x 4H

Bungee Run

Race friends and family on our Bungee Run interactive. Restiance is useless. Don't forget that you can include towards the enjoyable for the after that school occasion or fund raiser!

Lease for 9! Dimensions: 15 W x 30L x 7H

Mondo Boxing

The greatest Ring-in the location! This full-size Boxing Ring and Big Boxing Gloves make outstanding party for adolescents and grownups.

Lease for 9! Dimesions: 20W x 20L x 8H

gladiator joustWet or Dry Dunk Tank

Our Dunk Tank is regarded as our hottest destinations and may be create indoors or outdoors. We utilize colorful pit balls inside our container to help keep things dried out.

This Classic Dunk Tanks is excellent for schools, fairs and celebrations. Creates in classrooms, hallways, garages - everywhere that can accomodate a 8W x 4L x 8H bundle of enjoyable.

Only $159 (Delivered) or $139 (client Pick-Up)!

Comprehensive Court Press

The world's first truly interactive inflatable baseball online game! People must get almost all their coloured balls from the opponents side within 30 seconds to win. The activity gets hotter if you have to clear your opponents balls, and can't capture your very own. This game is fast and frenzied, and lots of fun!
bungee run mondo boxing inflatable dunk tank full courtroom hit

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