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Sumo wrestling is a competitive contact sport where two wrestlers (rikishi) try to force one another out-of a circular ring (dohyo) or even to touch the ground with something besides the soles of this feet. The sport started in Japan, really the only nation where it is practiced professionally.

The Japanese consider sumo a gendai budo (a contemporary Japanese martial art), though the recreation has actually a history spanning numerous hundreds of years. The sumo custom is quite ancient, and also today the activity includes many ritual elements, including the use of sodium for purification, from the times sumo had been found in the Shinto faith.


Grand Sumo tournaments continue for 15 times and so are held 6 times a-year, Once in Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka, and 3 times annually on Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. For dates for the Grand Sumo Tournaments please check always truth be told there website link in English . Sumo Stable Tours are available 1~2 days pre and post the competition.

Life as a rikishi is highly regimented, with principles set straight down because of the Sumo Association. Pro sumo wrestlers must inhabit public "sumo training stables" understood in Japanese as heya in which every aspect of their daily everyday lives, from meals to their types of gown are dictated by rigid tradition.

Tokyo May Sumo Tournament (May 10th to might 24th) Sumo Tournament tours can be obtained: Please e mail us to find out more about Sumo Tournament Tours

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