Sumo Squat and Side Crunch

What is a Sumo squat?

Purpose: This exercise develops power and mobility of the sides, feet, and back muscles (Figure 9-35).

Beginning Position: Straddle stance utilizing the feet somewhat wider compared to the shoulders and toes pointing outward. Hold a single kettlebell with your hands, in front of the body, using a pronated hold (palms facing the human body).

Cadence: SLOWLY


  1. Squat while leaning somewhat forward through the waist because of the mind up. Go downward until the upper legs parallel the floor.
  2. Come back to the beginning position.
  3. Perform count 1.

Figure 9-35. Sumo squat

Check Always Point:

  • At the end of matter 1, the shoulders, knees, and balls regarding the feet must certanly be aligned.
  • Hold heels on a lawn and straight back right through the entire exercise.

Precautions: constantly perform this exercise at a slow cadence. Don't allow the legs to lower beyond parallel on surface on matter 1. Doing so would increase the pressure on the knees.

Movement to facility 2: Verticals (reference Chapter 10, Endurance and Mobility strategies, Figure 10-4).

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