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HakuhoHakuho poses for photos with a board reading ‘Congrats Hakuho V33’ after winning the New 12 months Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday. Photo: Kyodo/REUTERS

Hahuko now appears alone.

The Mongolian-born yokozuna capped a historic fortnight Sunday by finishing the latest Year Grand Sumo Tournament undefeated and winning his 33rd career tournament, probably the most into the almost 270 many years of sumo’s taped history.

The 29-year-old eclipsed the last record of 32 held by Taiho, the popular 1960s yokozuna commonly seen as the maximum champ associated with post-war duration.

Hakuho’s success over Kakuryu at Tokyo’s Ryougoku Sumo Hall sealed their 11th undefeated championship (zensho-yusho), in addition a record.

It performedn’t come painless. Initally struggling to lock their favored right-handed grip on his opponent’s gear, Hakuho overcame a stalemate and drove him through the band to win by yorikiri, one of sumo’s most typical practices.

“My program now's to relax and take things gradually, ” Hakuho informed the Asahi Shimbun. “I might have surpassed Taiho numerically, but psychologically I continue to have a long way going.”

Most of Hakuho’s 33 games came when you look at the 51 tournaments since might 2006. No other competitor has actually claimed over 10 yusho, or titles, throughout that period.

The 6ft 3in, 352lb yokozuna had actually clinched the record-breaking name on Friday with a success over Kisenosato, the highest-ranked wrestler of Japanese descent in sumo’s top division — of no small symbolic worth given the trend of foreign dominence in recent years.

The match had been also near call with both wrestlers spilling from the ring at the same time. Officials purchased a rematch and Hakuho won by oshidashi, clinching the title in addition to all-time record with two days to spare.

Hakuho’s conquer Kisenosato on day 13 clinched their record-breaking championship.

That winnings lifted Hakuko’s record to an insumountable 13-0 for the tournament — where competitors wrestle as soon as each day as well as the most readily useful record after 15 days wins — with both his nearest competitors having dropped to 10-3.

“It ended up beingn’t effortless, ” he stated.

Hakuho had equalled Taiho’s all-time record at November basho — sumo’s grand tournaments are held every 2 months throughout the year when you look at the odd-numbered months — and he’d been preferred to eclipse the level after winning five of six tournaments in 2014.

Yet Sunday’s march into history had beenn’t constantly such a formality.

When he found its way to Japan from Mongolia in 2000, Hakuho — produced Mönkhbatyn Davaajargal — was 15 and weighed less than 140lb. Provided their belated begin and moderate dimensions, no training stable was desperate to accept him. Despite he was chosen because of the Miyagino stable on their last time in Japan, the ascent to stardom was hardly instant.

Then a 2003 development spurt of two inches and 75lb sparked his constant climb up sumo’s Confucian hierarchy of ranks. In 2007, he became just the 69th man in the history of Japan’s old sport — and just the 4th foreigner — to earn the ranking of yokozuna.

He’s in addition managed to assist restore the profile of an institution racked by conflict lately, including illegal betting by wrestlers on baseball games and, worse, a 2011 match-fixing scandal with ties to Japan’s unlawful underworld.

“At an occasion when rely upon sumo ended up being plumbing the depths, the accomplishments of Hakuho, just who propped within the recreation whilst the lone yokozuna, tend to be significant, ” a Yomiuri Shimbun editorial look at this few days. “The most recent competition has been out of stock daily, and also the Emperor and Empress additionally found view. Sumo’s appeal is recuperating.”

At 29 but still considered prime, Hakuko is widely anticipated to increase a record which had formerly stood for 44 many years.

“Nobody can touch Hakuho, therefore it’s only all-natural that he win by an excellent margin, ” said Japan Sumo Association president Kitanoumi told the Japan circumstances.

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