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string theStory = "ELKB, BELK, what?"

A year ago, we introduced the Packetbeat staff aboard, and Beats was created. This open resource system for building lightweight information shippers for log data, infrastructure metrics, system packets, plus, makes it easier than ever before to send information to Elasticsearch and Logstash. Although we love what amount of of you who possess adopted the abbreviation ELK for the bunch, with Beats, we only could not work out how to result in the "B" work with the E-L-K combo.

sequence theStory = "The Elastic Stack, over a title, 5.0.0"

I'm excited to announce that, unveiled these days at Elastic{ON}16, every one of Elastic's open source items — Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats — will likely to be known as the Elastic Stack. This will be more than simply a name; in the years ahead, we will be building, evaluation, and releasing all components of the Elastic Stack collectively and they're going to all share the exact same version number — beginning with 5.0.0. Our goal is the fact that this advancement will speed your deployments, streamline compatibility testing, making it also easier for developers to add brand-new functionality throughout the bunch. Keep tuned in, the very first alpha launch of 5.0.0 is going to be shipping quickly.

string theStory = "Presenting Packs — Extensions for the Elastic Stack"

All the services and products inside Elastic Stack have actually constantly had great support for extensions. With Elasticsearch, plugins can truly add language analyzers, expand snapshot/restore, and even create brand new APIs. The Logstash plug-in ecosystem is a wonderful illustration of exactly how powerful extensions are, and Kibana launched plugin infrastructure in current releases, which we now have always create extensions like Timelion. But as we make use of these expansion things to create our personal products, we noticed that there is a significant benefit to thinking larger; expanding the complete pile.

These days, we announced the development of packages — extensions that affect your whole stack. On the surface, this is an easy concept — an individual zip that contains extensions for example or higher of this items in Elastic Stack. With lined up releases and versions throughout the bunch, packs succeed very easy to develop, test, and release extensions that period the pile. We saw this need ourselves, whenever building product like Marvel, which plug into Elasticsearch to recapture telemetry and metrics, while also installing into Kibana to offer the UI for keeping track of your infrastructure. We will be releasing our personal pack (keep reading!), but we are many excited to observe you offer the Elastic Stack, and exactly what new use-cases you uncover.

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