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Shinto rituals and ceremonies

matsuriShinto traditions tend to be a central part of almost all of the nationwide festivals in Japan, and associated with the much more specific occasions at particular shrines as well as other sacred sites. Most often these are typically performed by male priests who are assisted by a lady shrine functionary labeled as a miko, who usually is a shaman.

The most frequent type of ritual requires purification - symbolically purifying oneself or an item before interacting with the kami (Shinto gods). Purification is completed with water (rinsing, washing, bathing) or using priest's wand. Other common traditions include the formal reading of prayers from old collections, and making refreshments choices towards the kami (that is later provided in a communal dinner). Once more, these are carried out by priests.

Shinto rituals are usually just one part of a kind of big public festival called a matsuri, the primary types of celebration in Shinto. Hundreds and several thousand them fill the calendar believed the entire year. They have been community-oriented event which mark all sorts of things: periods in the wild, this new 12 months, chrysanthemum blooms, cherry blossoms, events through the Shinto mythologies, Japanese history, agricultural traditions and much more.

Various other Shinto rituals tend to be performed during smaller, more local or even exclusive festivals. These level phases of life, eg births, rites of passageway in the early many years of a young child's life, marriages, and funerals.

Finally, there are common rituals done by people when they see shrines - ritual washing, making choices, clapping fingers, and bowing.

Vital that you remember here is that most these traditions are made for communication with the gods, or kami. Often that interaction is one-way (from the human into kami) where folks express thanks a lot, make requests and gives praise into the kami. At other times, that interaction is two-way (from individual to kami and from kami to personal) for which people utilize the priest or miko as a mediator between them together with kami to obtain responses to crucial concerns or even to find out approaches to issues in their resides.

Regardless, these traditions do the Shinto community how many other traditions do for anyone each and every other religion: supply a means of worshipping and encountering whatever is considered divine or "ultimate" in way that is meaningful and brings order alive in a world that often feels chaotic.

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