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Sumo World champion

Sumo grand winner AsashoryuSumo grand champ Asashoryu would be to retire from sport. Photograph: Toru Hanai/Reuters

The Mongolian wrestler, whoever genuine name is Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj, made the announcement after meeting with officials through the sumo organization, which had come under some pressure to ban him through the sport he has ruled for many of this final decade.

The organization's elders were considering regulate how to punish Asashoryu before he took the decision out of their arms.

"I will retire, " he informed reporters. "countless things have occurred. I've caused lots of difficulty but I have no regrets about my sumo."

The so-called assault took place on 16 January in the middle of a major competition that he continued to win.

Reports in Japanese tabloids said the 150kg wrestler, who had been consuming heavily before very early hours, left their victim with a broken nostrils, a split lip and hefty facial bruising.

During an occasionally tearful appearance ahead of the news, Asashoryu recalled the pride he felt as he defeated the after that grand champion, Musashimaru, during his moms and dads' first day at Japan to see him participate.

"that has been my most readily useful minute, " he said. "i have been under lots of emotional tension and now I would like to find some remainder."

The top associated with the sumo organization, Musashigawa, described Asashoryu's conduct as "inexcusable".

"He felt compelled to resign for misconduct which was inexcusable, and board accepted, " he said. "i wish to apologise to sumo followers in addition to hurt person. We're going to strive to guarantee this incident never takes place again."

Despite his ignominious exit, Asashoryu will go straight down among the greatest wrestlers in sumo's 2, 000-year record. He has got obtained 25 Emperor's Cups, 2nd simply to Taiho with 32, and Chiyonofuji with 31.

Admiration for their technique has-been accompanied by critique of his attitude since he attained the rank of grand winner in 2003, with traditional pundits accusing him of lacking the self-esteem befitting a grand champ.

In 2003 he pulled the topknot of some other wrestler during a bout and carried on to scuffle with his adversary within the communal shower. Four many years later he became the very first grand winner to-be suspended after he had been filmed playing in a charity football match in Ulan Bator, times after taking out of a goodwill sumo competition claiming he had been injured.

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