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Sumo Traditions

Sumo is an important part of conventional Japanese culture, featuring a brief history of over 1, 500 many years. Because deep origins and old customs, there are numerous traditions, principles, and traditions surrounding this national sport - having a simple knowledge of sumo will allow you to really engage in a match!

The real history of Sumo

Mentioned in a variety of myths and people tales, it is known that sumo began sometime all over year 712. Sumo had been done as a yearly ritual whenever rice had been planted, as a way to pray for a bountiful harvest. Over an extended duration, a set group of guidelines had set up itself and sumo started accepting the proper execution that individuals understand these days. As one of Japan's most well-known national recreations, sumo keeps on attracting not merely Japanese men and women but visitors from around the world.

Planning a Grand Sumo Tournament the very first time

You will find six grand sumo tournaments annually. In January, May, and September, grand sumo tournaments are held at Ryogoku Kokugikan. This destination is recognized as the sumo sanctuary and numerous great matches have been carried out right here.

Towards Banzuke

All sumo wrestlers tend to be classified in a standing hierarchy labeled as banzuke, in accordance with their performance. The utmost effective position is called Yokozuna, the following reduced position is Ozeki, followed closely by Sekiwake, Komusubi and Maegashira. Regarding banzuke, wrestlers tend to be split into east and west edges. The allocation is made based on their link between the previous event. If wrestlers take equivalent rank, the wrestler of east part is considered become higher.

How to View a Grand Sumo Tournament

The same as other things within Japanese tradition, sumo puts countless increased exposure of manners and rituals. Besides those associated with the actual competitors, there are a selection various principles to adhere to for the market aswell. Sumo has actually too much to do with respect, between your competitors and to the sport itself. Let's see the most important rules.

How to Get Tickets

For grand sumo tournaments, 2 kinds of passes can be found: those sold ahead of time and the ones in love with the day regarding the match. You'll reserve tickets both in the phone or on line, or simply buy a ticket at the time associated with the match at the place where it is held. Obviously, these grand tournaments are particularly popular when you're about to get a ticket within venue itself, keep in mind that they might offer out really quickly.

Seat Kinds

You will find three types of seating: Tamariseki, Masuseki, while the seats regarding second-floor.

Tamariseki are Situated Closest towards Ring

Tamariseki will be the many prestigious seats. The seating are situated closest toward band and generally are also referred to as Sunakaburiseki (sand bathing chairs). Those are reserved for officials just a few seating will always available to everyone. Due to their nearness on ring, these seats permit you to get actually near to the action - you also should be alert to sumo wrestlers falling off the ring.

Masuseki tend to be Perfect For Sumo Beginners

In contrast to the prestigious Tamariseki, treats and meal containers are enjoyed from the Masuseki, Japanese design box seating. It really is known as Masuseki because they look like a masu, a square measure glass for sake. Masuseki are also classified into A, B, and C boxes, in accordance with the length from ring. Those bins can be found either with a single chair, two chairs, or four chairs in one single box. B and C bins are merely available as four chair kinds. Non-reserved places are obtainable regarding the second-floor regarding the place.

Ways During Sumo Wrestling Matches

The ways differ dependent on your seat. In Tamariseki, eating and drinking, using pictures, and using a mobile phone is certainly not allowed. Due to their closeness into the wrestler, Tamariseki are a lot more limited than just about any sorts of various other seat. Masuseki, having said that, are seats that give you more freedom. You are able to enjoy a snack and a drink and take pictures towards heart's content. The sole guideline in Masuseki is the same in every cinema or movie theater: enjoy it without bothering one other clients, to permit everyone to have a good experience!

Yokozuna: the Ring Entering Service

Not only will be the matches by themselves exciting additionally various traditions surrounding them. One of these could be the ring penetrating ceremony called yokozuna. Each sumo wrestler leaves their own and colorful keshomawashi (ornamental apron) the service which makes for a rather impressive spectacle. If they clap their particular hands and commence to stomp ritually, do not forget to call out "Yoisho!" for all of them. Keeping an in depth watch on the wrestlers' movements with this ceremony along with during the suits is what makes sumo therefore interesting.

Ryougoku Kokugikan


Address 1-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015

Deepen Your Knowledge on Sumo Museum

The Sumo Museum situated on the 1st floor of Ryogoku Kokugikan is always open to the general public whether or not there's no grand sumo competition being held. The museum's most famous displays are the sumo nishiki-e, old-fashioned colored woodblock images, representing sumo wrestlers' special faces and differing postures. Various other items regarding sumo such as for example banzuke lists and keshomawashi may shown into the museum.

Sumo Museum


Address 1-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015

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