Shinto Shrine

Shinto Shrine architecture

Shinto Shrine architecture

Sanctuaries for kami, or shrines, are called jinja. These generally contains a building in the middle of trees. Most Shinto structures are shrines (a sacred location for praying) not temples (locations of worship). Temples in Japan are of Buddhism. Classical Shinto shrines weren t built to dominate nature and leave the observer awestruck, as many Western cathedrals were intended…

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Shinto shrines Japan

Shinto shrines Japan

Shinto ( just how associated with the gods ) is the native faith of the Japanese men and women and as old as Japan itself. It remains Japan s major religion alongside Buddhism. Introduction Shinto does not have a president nor does it have sacred scriptures like the sutras or perhaps the Bible. Propaganda and preaching are not typical either, because Shinto is profoundly rooted…

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Japanese Shinto shrines

Japanese Shinto shrines

Know your Shinto: rituals and behavior at a Shinto shrine Whenever sightseeing in Japan, probably the most popular and fascinating places to consult with could be the numerous shrines dedicated to Shintoism, Japan’s predominant religion. Shinto or, “way regarding the divine”, is a polytheistic faith, thereforeeach shrine might have its roots or allegiances to a different god…

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Shinto Shrine Honolulu

Shinto Shrine Honolulu

The very humble Wakamiya Inari Shrine at Hawaii’s Plantation Village in Waipahu celebrated the 100th anniversary of their founding in a huge way on May 4. The Shinto shrine was feted with a historic image exhibit, an informative PowerPoint slide presentation, a colorful birthday cake, delicious okazuya-style meals and a unique rededication service done by Bishop Daiya Amano…

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Fundoshi men

Fundoshi men

A fundoshi is a normal Japanese undergarment this is certainly essentially a thong for dudes. Manufactured from one, lengthy bit of fabric, the fundoshi had been the go-to underwear for Japanese males until the middle regarding the twentieth century. That’s right, no boxers, no briefs, only white-cotton guy thongs. Thankfully, few modern men are running around Japan with a…

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