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Shinto Shrine in America

A: often the Jinja (Shrine) is open daily from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM kindly check out when you wish. Kindly remember the Shrine Grounds would be the Sacred Purified destination where Kamisama (Sacred Deities) tend to be enshrined.

No drink and food (except for children).
No pets (your pet can stay static in your car or truck).
Kindly enjoy sacred shrine grounds quietly.
Kindly make the Sanpai and private prayer to enshrined Deities at any time.

If you wish to receive the in-patient Shinto service, it is best to result in the appointment by phone or e-mail. If Shinto Priest will there be he can carry out the service without appointment, but sometimes the employees is away from the Shrine.

Which will make Sanpai/formal shrine check out could be the really serious question of giving gratitude to - and obtaining Ki/Ukehi from Kami and Great Nature. Please settle and straighten your nature and clothes. Business clothes is the best but kindly stay away from shorts, jeans, tees or barefoot.

First kindly visit the Temizuya (hand water destination) and wash the hands and mouth to purify your self inside and out. The clean water would be to eliminate impurity and is a simplified version of the Misogi ShuHo (ritual purification in moving liquid).

Temizu 手水
Temizu Instruction

Tips cleanse oneself before going to the Shinto Shrine:
1) utilize the Hishaku (wooden dipper) to put liquid on your left-hand (kindly step a little right back from basin so water does not go-back in).
2) Then pour liquid in your right-hand.
3) Pour liquid to your left palm and rinse your mouth (please don't spit back in to basin).
4) Pour water again onto your left-hand.
5) Please allow water to operate back the handle and put Hishaku straight back on basin.

How to approach the Shrine Building:
Kindly bow a little during the internal Torii (Shrine Gate) then continue. The middle range is reserved for Kami therefore please a little avoid center line.
Simple tips to Sanpai (pray to Kami):
Ni Rei Ni Hakushu Ippai (2 bows, 2 claps, 1 bow)

Seishiki Sampai Instruction

Tips look at the Shinto Shrine:
1) go on to Saisen Bako (offeratory field) together with Suzu (bell) line. Straighten your mind/body/spirit and stand on center line. You could drop Saisen (financial offering) into field.
2) Hold Suzu line both in fingers and swing the rope to ring the bell (kindly never pull on the line).
3) Look towards Kagami (mirror) at the internal Shrine doorways and then bow two times deeply.
4) Clap twice and pray while keepin constantly your hands collectively facing your heart.
5) Bow yet again.

When you yourself have the appointment kindly enter the Shrine building. If not please take pleasure in the Juyosho (amulet screen) towards right. For those who have a concern for Shrine staff please ring the buzzer at Juyosho window.
You can also understand Ema and Omikuji on Shrine Grounds.


This is basically the spot to hang the Ema (plaque) to communicate your want to Okami or make the promise or appearance of appreciation. Kindly compose your wish words on Ema and hang all of them here so Kami can review them. If you would like to position an Ema please see the Shrine staff.


Omikuji are fortune-telling report slips bought at Shinto Shrines. Arbitrarily attracted, they have forecasts ranging from 大吉 (Daikichi/great good luck) to 大凶 (Daikyo/great misfortune). By tying the piece of paper around a tree's branch, good fortune comes real or bad lot of money can be averted. If you'd like the Omikuji please see the

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