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Sumo Calendar

Sumo events on Japan Center Malls(September 10-11, 2016) bay area Japantown, CA

It's not usually you see a 600-pound athlete in Utah. Take a look at the men within Millard County Fair!

(August 6-7, 2016) Chicago location

The Giants are straight back for the third year in a row. Watch multiple sumo events on both days of the Destination Asia.

Sumo Stars visit Utah!(Summer 18, 2006) Orange County, CA @ Yost Theater
Watch 3 Sumo Champions duel, as you enjoy premium sushi, Japanese beer and sake. After 104 sold-out programs nationwide final time, we're pumped up again. Learn More

MAIN CELEBRATION: 1 pm – 3 pm (Prelims: 10 am – 12 noon)
It's your single opportunity in 2016 to see a sumo competition of this quality, with more than 60 rivals from 10 nations (throughout united states, south usa, Africa, Europe, not to mention, Asia)! Numerous head-to-head rivalries between a large number of rivals with World Champion or National Champion titles. Among over 150 matches, make sure you capture top 60 suits throughout the Main Event. More

We are straight back on Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival for about the 5th time, this time with 600-pound "Yama"! Benefit from the whole festival, and make certain to obtain your picture using the champions!

(March 25-26, 2016) Seattle, WA
Desirable Sumo+Sushi shows tend to be back! Love premium sushi while ingesting real time sumo suits, plus Q&A because of the Champions, autographs, souvenirs, and possibilities for photographs using the Sumo Champions at the conclusion.

World Champions Return to the Morton Arboretum Sumo Sushi Shows tend to be right back! US SUMO OPEN 2016 Sumo Exhibition at Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival

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