Renting Sumo suits

We lease sumo fits for several kinds of occasions. Including, you might find a sumo suit leasing at a post prom event, a graduation celebration, as well as a company picnic. They've been exceptionally entertaining both for grownups and teenagers. Our sumo suit rentals tend to be for the entire day. They rent for $395.00, but sometimes we deals and you can buy them just for $345.00. Ask a Castle Party Rentals event planner to find out more with this sumo suit rental offer.

Our sumo fit rental consist of 2 big sumo suits, sumo gloves, sumo helmets/hats, plus a sumo wrestling band. A sumo fit rental will bring pleasure to your after that occasion. Rent sumo fits these days with Castle Party Rentals and conserve!

Book a sumo suit rental by calling (630)-400-6545.

WARNING!!! Our competitors are leasing unsafe sumo fits!
It offers arrived at our attention that we now have a few regional competitors leasing sumo wrestling gear that's incredibly dangerous. Avoid leasing organizations whom rent inflatables sumo suits at all costs. Sumo suits should-be manufactured from thick foam cushioning similar to ours. Cushioning should be not just in the tummy, additionally within the legs and arms. 99percent of local rental companies that carry sumo fits, have only padding into the stomach. Our sumo matches have actually padded legs and arms. Without padded legs and arms, truly the only support between you is a sheet of slim vinyl. Talking about slim vinyl, make sure that the sumo wrestling pad is padded with a dense foam core. Many sumo wrestling mats are simply sheets of vinyl and never professional mats like ours. Mats must be at minimum 16 foot wide by 16 legs long like ours. Such a thing lower than this size increases the chance of falling-off the pad tenfold. Another over looked sumo accessory may be the sumo mittens or sumo gloves. These are placed over the hand to avoid damage to your opponents face including scraping, poking of eyes, punching, etc. Again the majority of our competition cannot add sumo wrestling mittens or gloves within their sumo local rental package. Lastly, sumo matches should include a velcro fold for simple entrance and exit in and out of fit. If straight back of the sumo match involves a shoelace, there's opportunity for it to knot as well as for someone in order to become entrapped. It is dangerous into the cozy months if it is hot out. Lastly, many leasing businesses don't carry insurance coverage to their sumo matches. They could carry insurance coverage on various other items, but their insurance provider cannot protect sumo wrestling. We are totally insured and condition certified by the Illinois DOL Amusement & protection Division!

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