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nj-new jersey Gov. Chris Christie was challenged to a sumo match in a YouTube movie.NEW YORK ROUTINE NEWS

Time for you apply a diaper, "little Chrissy."

Beleaguered New Jersey governor and presidential wannabe Chris Christie had been challenged to a sumo wrestling match — officially, 10 matches — by a loincloth-wearing person in the militia occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge.

The person, Kelly Gneiting, a U.S. sumo champ, challenges his "younger cousin" into the funny, strange video clip published to YouTube.

"I'm sure mother offered us both woman names, but I wanna see just who the actual sissy is, " says Gneiting, that is not about Christie. "since you got out in front for the cameras last week, while mentioned how you'd just like the strong-arm for the legislation disperse these good people in Oregon … guess what happens we wanna see? We wanna see you come over here and disperse me, your older cousin, in the dohyo, " he says, slapping their belly.

Nj Gov. Chris Christie ended up being challenged to a sumo match in a YouTube video.

(Kelly Gneiting via YouTube)

Based on the man, the militia will disperse if "little Chrissy" can knock-down their "big sibling" in another of 10 bouts.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was criticized by outdoors State residents for his response to flooding damage into the state."all of us remember those times we accustomed replace your diaper — well, I'm sure you do not, but i really do — and I would like you to toss a diaper on once more, and let's check-out war over momma's love, but most notably, why don't we go to war over that's right, " Gneiting stated.

Nj Gov. Chris Christie ended up being criticized by Garden State residents for his a reaction to flood damage inside state.

(Mel Evans/AP)

The stunt comes as Christie stagnates in the presidential battle, and it is drawing ire in his home state.

The governor ended up being blasted by New Jersey residents after downplaying the weekend storm, then rushing back again to brand new Hampshire ahead of the Feb. 9 major, as some Garden State homeowners faced record-level floods.

An audience member at a Monday event in Hooksett, N.H., requested Christie why he was campaigning in place of assisting residents.

"It's currently done, it really is already done, " Christie said associated with flooding.

"I don't know everything expect us to do. Do you want us to go-down there with a mop?" he included.

Chris Christie features slipped in GOP polls in front of the brand new Hampshire primary.

(NEIL HALL/Reuters)

As Christie had been speaking Monday, seeking his long-shot quote for the Republican nomination, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno ended up being touring storm damage along with other state officials.

Nj residents have actually challenged Christie's assertion that flooding actually a problem. Maggie Day, a resident of Stone Harbor in Cape May County, informed the Philadelphia Inquirer that she ended up being offended by Christie's dismissal associated with storm harm.

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