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KF 3Eating a ginormous meal and taking mid-day naps? Pff, no perspiration! Performing 100 representatives of a brutal weight lifting regime? No many thanks…

On January 24th, professional ozeki (a sumo wrestler of this second greatest ranking) Kotoshogiku (琴奨菊) defeated three yokozuna (grand champions) at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament with a remarkable 14-1 record, becoming the initial Japanese-born wrestler in a decade to win a top-division tournament.

In the aftermath of their win, our Japanese team of reporters did some sleuthing and discovered some test training videos published by his fitness expert, Munehiro Shiota, in September of a year ago. Even though now 32-year-old’s expert career has-been riddled with injuries and simply just last year he was in danger of becoming demoted in ranking due to a lot of losses, this present success is largely credited to your support of his family members and a totally hellish instruction regime conceived of by Shiota, therefore now we could watch those brutual video clips understanding that it’s all paying down for him in the long run!

Within very first clip, we can see Kotoshogiku struggling to perform a 100-rep strength-training exercise with a big dumbbell. By the time the video has begun, he’s already done over 50 representatives, and Shiota can be heard offering him many pep speaks (interspersed with laughter in some places). He reaches 75 reps right across the 3:10 level, and at this aspect he switches to a kettlebell. Kotoshogiku eventually accomplishes his aim of 100 representatives with a celebratory fling of this weight at the end:

Into the 2nd, faster video, he's seen pushing a weighted tire and performing even more resistance training:

We’re undoubtedly contemplating witnessing just how Kotoshogiku fares next significant sumo competition, the March Tournament, becoming held in Osaka the following month. it is entirely possible that he could become the initial Japanese-born wrestler to be promoted toward yokozuna position since Wakanohana Masaru was in 1998. There’s something, however, that we’re very sure of–we’re very delighted being on sidelines as he pushes his body and mind to the limitations, thanks greatly!

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