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Where to watch Sumo wrestling in Tokyo?

cheap sumo in tokyoAlong with geisha, Mount Fuji, round trains and tentacle porn, absolutely nothing epitomises the exterior image of Japan that can compare with the old sport of Sumo. Despite it's honoured place given that nationwide sport of Japan, in recent times it's suffered from scandals plus the dearth of Japanese wrestlers into the top ranks. This truly just matters if you’re Japanese or a difficult core fan though. If you’re residing in Tokyo or you’re fortunate enough to-be right here if you find a tournament, it’s worth looking into.

Tournaments take place six times a year—three which take place at Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo in January, May and September. The tournaments will also be spread-over 15 days so there’s a total of 45 times of top class sumo in Tokyo each year. The orifice times, the finishing times additionally the days among which autumn on the weekend will always the busiest. While you ought to know in the event that you’ve gone to Tokyo Cheapo prior to, it is better to do things off-peak. This implies to see low priced sumo in Tokyo your best wager is times 3 to 6 and 10 to 12.

sumo wrestlers facright in TokyoSeating and Ticket Types

There are many different forms of seating offered by the sumo and a huge number of costs. Until recently, the ringside ‘tamari’ seats weren’t even available for public to purchase—these had been reserved for sumo relationship sponsors and members. Today for 14, 800 yen, you could get the opportunity to have a 180 kg sumo wrestler plant their rear-end on your face while he hurtles through the dohyo.

Other seats tend to be divided into ‘box chairs’ and ‘arena seats’. Box chairs or ‘masu seki’ are fundamentally a (tiny) square of tatami mat into which 4 or 6 individuals fit—so you have to buy all 4 or 6 seats. Note that they are perhaps not spacious—they’d typically fit four little Japanese grannies or 1 sumo wrestler easily. Tatami has actually more give than timber or cement but most folks bring their own cushions. The container seats tend to be more split into A, B and C—moving progressively more through the activity. The arena seating are on the second floor associated with the gymnasium as they are similarly split relating to distance towards dohyo. When it comes to 2015 period only, “only for Two” tickets are available for B field seats at 21, 200 yen (for 2 folks) and C field seating at 19, 000 yen (for just two folks).

Sneaky strategies for scoring the most effective seating on most affordable cost

sumoMasu-seki range in expense from 38, 000 to 46, 800 for all four seats while arena chairs include 3, 800 yen to 8, 500 yen each. the greatest deal nonetheless are ‘jiyu seki’ or ‘free-seating seats’ which aren’t readily available for pre-kele. These carry on purchase through the kokugikan at 8am on each day of the tournament consequently they are the lowest priced solution to see Tokyo sumo wrestling. Given the existing (un)popularity of sumo because of the Japanese general public, truly the only times they are expected to sell away are on the top times in the beginning, middle (week-end) and end of the tournament. Admittedly, the free seating passes would be the worst passes in the house. But right here’s everything you do—and you performedn’t hear it from me! On the off peak times, the massive most of the B and C masu seki should be empty—especially before about 4pm once the top wrestlers begin to appear. Therefore just look all-natural and inhabit a B or C package seat in a place that does not appear very complete. You might decide to try going for a A box seat, nevertheless the ushers who take with you tea will know you didn’t pay for your seat and could growl at you—they most likely won’t kick you away however. Should you squat in a box chair, take care not to make any mess and be ready to proceed brief notice whilst the individual who actually purchased the seat could arrive anytime. Initially I went along to the sumo I really paid the extremely high costs and discovered friends within my package seat when I arrived! Although Japanese people repeat this also, keep in mind that you’re exploiting a gaijin license to split some of the guidelines and feign ignorance—so make every effort to be simple and respectful.


Although not completely over the top, you’re a captive audience at the sumo so food and drinks are sold at a premium. Unlike sports activities offshore however, you are allowed to carry what you may fancy into the arena. Once I moved in, I took in a giant 2L cardboard carton of benefit that sells for less than 1, 000 yen within supermarket. I became in worry which they would search my case and confiscate it, but it seems they don’t search bags and they’re not too worried anyway. Taking your own bentos and snacks normally advisable. Spending less on meals can make viewing sumo in Tokyo much cheaper.

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