Sumo Wrestling Japan tickets

There are not any sumo tournaments held in Kyoto, but there are tournaments held in Osaka (11 minutes away by round train) and Nagoya (40 moments away by bullet train). Hence, it is possible to enjoy sumo while remaining in Kyoto.

魁皇関 vs 千代大海関 ©

Sumo isn't held in Kyoto but you can effortlessly go to the March competition in Osaka (11 moments by round train) plus the July event in Nagoya (40 minutes by round train). And, in January, might and September, sumo is held in Tokyo, which will be just 2.5 hours from Kyoto by round train. Here’s all the information you ought to get a sumo event during Japan.

Sumo Schedules

Sumo tournaments (referred to as basho in Japanese) often last two weeks, with day-to-day matches during this period. Where to find out about upcoming schedules may be the (in English):

Same-day Ticket buy

it is not as difficult while you might think to purchase sumo tickets. If you are content with same-day passes (tojitsu-ken in Japanese), you can just show up during the arena on morning. Tojitsu-ken are available from 8.20am at arena as well as on weekdays there are generally chairs offered by the very least until noon, occasionally later into the day. On weekends, they sell out earlier in the day. On final day's the match, there might be an extended range and it might be impractical to buy seats, but of many other times it must be possible.

Best seats take the shomen (north area). The south chairs may also be good. The east and west part seating have actually worse views.

Below are a few test pass rates per individual for tickets purchased on a single day at the arena (online advance-purchase rates will vary a little):

  • Tamari: Y14, 300
  • Masu A: Y11, 300
  • Masu B: Y10, 300
  • Isu A: Y4700
  • Isu B: Y3200
  • Jiyuseki: Y2800 (adult) 200 (child 4-15 years old)

Tamari are the ringside “box” seats. In fact, they're square places where you sit on the ground. Masu seating are similar but a few rows back. Isu seating tend to be regular arena chairs behind the masu seats (isu implies seat in Japanese). Jiyuseki tend to be standing areas behind the isu chairs. For more information on chairs, see

Online Advance Ticket Purchase:

You can aquire sumo tickets ahead of time at the English-language website

Methods For Seeing The Sumo Tournament

Here’s some useful information for the real day's the tournament:

  • English bout schedules are available on stadium.
  • Entry is achievable from about 8.30am.
  • Ideal matches (upper ranks) happen between 4pm and 6pm.
  • You can easily descend into great masu and on occasion even tamari seats before their particular actual solution holders arrive.
  • When you look at the masu/tamari chairs, you have to take-off your footwear and stow them behind you when you look at the footwear storage area.

Kyoto District Map

Simply click a Kyoto District for detailed home elevators attractions, eateries and accommodation

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