Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Wrestler Halloween Costumes

Sumo Wrestler Halloween Costumes

The authentic appearance of this NASA space suit could have any child feeling like a genuine astronaut this Halloween. The costume includes the entire fit along with a matching NASA limit. The material and finishes are top-notch and unlike many costumes, that one will last beyond one wear for constant dress-up satisfaction. If you’re looking to make this costume more official…

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Sumo wrestlers in Japan

Sumo wrestlers in Japan

Dear audience! is not simply an online site. We have been the vocals regarding the Historic American Nation . Our objective is absolutely nothing lower than to produce a complete range news network to speak up for our folks during this difficult time for our country. Section of this means building establishments that are traditional and in real life. There’s some…

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Grand sumo Red

Grand sumo Red

Yokozuna Hakuho, who may have gone unbeaten so far into the ongoing summertime Grand Sumo Tournament, has been given a proverbial purple card for behavior not only unbecoming of a yokozuna and plain dangerous. In a match between Hakuho and lower-ranking komusubi Kaisei may 12, the 5th day s the 15-day Summer Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan arena in Tokyo, Hakuho…

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