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Yokozuna Hakuho, who may have gone unbeaten so far into the ongoing summertime Grand Sumo Tournament, has been given a proverbial purple card for behavior not only unbecoming of a yokozuna and plain dangerous.

In a match between Hakuho and lower-ranking komusubi Kaisei may 12, the 5th day's the 15-day Summer Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan arena in Tokyo, Hakuho sent their adversary tumbling along the mound on which the band sits, after the higher-ranking wrestler had currently pressed him outside of the band and won.

In the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in March this present year, a stablemaster who was sitting underneath the mound sustained serious accidents following the adversary who Hakuho had forced - in addition after the latter had already obtained - fell regarding the elder. On May 11, the fourth day of the present event, Hakuho again forced an opponent after he had already scored a victory, to which chief referee Nishonoseki (former ozeki Wakashimazu) expressed his disapproval. The Yokozuna Deliberation Council, which observed the matches may 12, demanded that Hakuho exercise more self-restraint.

Following the match on May 12, Hakuho couldn't appear impacted by the rebukes, saying, "Whether I push my adversary or we pull-back, I'm nevertheless wrestling really." However, Hideshige Moriya, head for the Yokozuna Deliberation Council and teacher emeritus at Chiba University, stated, "Hakuho did slightly press their adversary. We need him to comprehend that what he's doing may cause accidents to enthusiastic spectators."

Hakuho will enter their tenth 12 months as yokozuna with all the Nagoya event set to take place in July. "whenever one achieves the condition of yokozuna, everyone else fawns over him, " Moriya stated, recommending Hakuho was being arrogant. "It is just real human having mistaken thoughts about a person's activities whenever that takes place."

Inside Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, Hakuho pressed Yoshikaze along the mound after he would already claimed, making the second autumn on sumo elder and referee Izutsu (previous sekiwake Sakahoko). Izutsu suffered a broken leg in the incident, and Hakuho was reprimanded for their activities.

Talking about Hakuho's duplicated shoves toward opponents he has got currently obtained against, Japan Sumo Association Chairman Hakkaku (former yokozuna Hokutoumi) was wary, saying, "When we mention it, it's going to you need to be splashed throughout the reports once again."

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