Sumo schedule

Sumo Schedule

You can produce a scheduled search on top of that you will be creating a stored search.

    To set a routine because of this search, or even to set the search to perform occasionally with a recommended alert, click Schedule this search. The Schedule this search dialog opens up.
      For Run Frequency, select the frequency you need your hunt to run plus the time it will start.
        If you select Every a quarter-hour, the search will operate at :00, :15, :30, :45. In the event that you choose Hourly or above, it'll operate at :00. In the event that you select day-to-day, it's also possible to select that your particular search runs every single day, every Weekday (Mon-Fri) or sunday (Sat-Sun) together with time. In the event that you select Weekly, it's also possible to choose the day's the week it works as well as the time. In the event that you select Custom Cron, you might enter a custom CRON expression. For details, see Advanced: Using a CRON Expression. For people in timezones which can be +/- 30 minutes, the minute is dependant on UTC. So for consumers in the IST timezone, you will have a 30-minute offset. So in the place of beginning at :00, it's going to be :30.

      For Time range for scheduled search, find the final a day, to obtain a regular alert. Otherwise, select the time range you desire the planned search become run on. ESSENTIAL: This setting differs compared to the Time number choice configured for the Saved Search. The first occasion range is just made use of when you operate the Saved Research through the Library. Timezone for scheduled search. Choose the timezone you need your planned search to make use of. Unless you make a selection, the scheduled search will use the timezone from your web browser, which is the default choice. For Alert condition select Forward Notification:

        Every time a search is total. If following condition is fulfilled, and configure the amount of outcomes.

      Under Recipients, go into the recipients of the scheduled search email. Individual multiple e-mail details with commas.

    The check field forward email on failure to find owner is activated by default. Deselect to deactivate. Mouse click Save to incorporate the search toward Library.

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