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Chonmage hair

chonmage-featuredThe chonmage is a conventional Japanese hairstyle which will be typically connected to samurai additionally the Edo period. Traditionally, the hairstyle of chonmage features a shaved pate, in addition to other countries in the tresses is tied up in a bun. It is stated your shaven pate has actually an additional advantage to cover up numerous kinds of hair loss.


The chonmage hairstyle originated in the Nara period. In past times, this hairstyle had been originally meant to contain the samurai helmet (kabuto) with its place during battles. The shaved pate enables the helmet to fit securely on the mind. With less tresses, the samurai would also maybe not undergo too-much heat regarding head when using the helmet.

chonmage helmetConsidering that the samurai were considered to have large condition in society, the chonmage after that became a standing logo. Because of the Edo duration, the chonmage hairstyle was considered to be typical and good. The neatness of tresses had been treated to-be essential that artists would often depict those who have been disgraced having messy hairstyles.

The chonmage hairstyle didn't be seemingly well-accepted by European observers.chonmage seppuku In 1863, there clearly was a case which two pupils wore hats to cover their chonmage in order to avoid being ridiculed as they had been in Holland. However, that they had to eliminate their caps at a theater as they blocked the view for the audience in it. This triggered the movie theater being filled up with laughter and the tale appeared in a newspaper headline the next day.

Modern Times

Because of the 19th century, the chonmage became outdated because of the impact of international countries. In recent years, the chonmage is visible sported by sumo wrestlers, but with a small variation. Sumo wrestlers sport chonmage of which the pates aren't shaven.chonmage sumo Sumo wrestlers who attained the rank of sekitori would occasionally sport an oicho type of chonmage featuring a topknot which splayed away like a fan. Unique hairstylists generally tokoyama would prepare the hairstyle of sumo wrestlers.

Are you a fan of the chonmage hairstyle? The chonmage hairstyle may be the predecessor to a modern version of hairstyle referred to as samurai bun (or “man bun”). The samurai bun can definitely look great on certain males!

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