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Yokozuna Wrestling

Title Record

  • WWF Royal Rumble Winner final eliminating Randy “Macho Man” Savage (1993);
  • WWF World Heavyweight name beating Bret “Hitman” Hart (April 4, 1993 – WrestleMania 9);
  • WWF World Heavyweight name defeating “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (Summer 13, 1993 – King of the Ring);
  • WWF World Tag Team brands w/Owen Hart beating The Smoking Cigarettes Gunns (April 2, 1995 – Within Your House);
  • WWF World Tag Team brands w/Owen Hart -Awarded- (September 25, 1995);

Career Highlights


  • Rodney Anoai was a member of just one of the very popular wrestlng households, being nephew to Afa & Sika..
  • 1984: Rodney Anoai began his pro wrestling job in Japan..

World Wrestling Federation – Heel:

  • Fall 1992: Vince McMahon and the WWF finalized Rodney Anoai, just who out of the blue became “Japanese” and generally Yokozuna..
  • ~~~Yokozuna (which is the highest honor it's possible to attain in sumo wrestling) and given Mr Fuji as a mananger..
  • ~~~Yokozuna had been billed as a Japanese wrestler even though he had been legitimately Samoan..
  • ~~Following the match, Mr Fuji issued challenging to “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (Hogan arrived and defeated Yoko for the subject!)
  • July 4, 1993: Mr. Fuji’s challenged any athlete to get and slam Yokozuna regarding the deck associated with the U.S.S. Intrepid aircraft company in NYC..
  • ~~Numerous Wrestlers and professional professional athletes react, including basketball celebrity Alonzo Mourning and Macho Man Randy Savage..
  • ~~~All seemed lost as Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna willing to enhance the Japanese flag..
  • ~~After that away from no place, a helicopter landed on deck and Lex Luger showed up wearing the tints associated with USA..
  • ~~~Lex Luger told the fans he had altered their techniques and he’ll be damned before he allows this to happen..
  • ~~~Lex Luger operates throughout the deck, picks up Yokozuna, and slams him down to thunderous cheers!
  • ~~The group goes crazy and Lex Luger, who had been a heel, becomes an immediate hero..
  • ~~~Lex Luger & The Undertaker & The Steiners beat Yokozuna & Crush & Jacques Rougeau & Ludvig Borga & Crush.

World Wrestling Federation – Heel II:

  • Immediately after this, Yokozuna began a major feud utilizing the Undertaker and Paul Bearer..
  • Royal Rumble 1994: Yokozuna recruited an army of heel wrestlers to simply help him beat the Undertaker in a Casket complement..
  • Wrestlemania X: Yokozuna defeated Lex Luger at the beginning of the evening, but continued to reduce the WWF title to Bret Hart however event..

World Wrestling Federation – Camp Cornette:

  • WrestleMania XI: Yokozuna showed up as Owen Hart’s mystery partner, and defeated the Smoking Gunns for Tag Team games..
  • September 24, 1995 – In Your House: Owen & Yokozuna took in Shawn Michaels & Diesel in a match in which all 4 games had been on the line..
  • ~~~Shawn Michaels & Diesel won the label brands although decision had been corrected the following evening on RAW by Gorilla Monsoon..
  • January 1, 1996—RAW: The Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart) defeated Razor Ramon & Savio Vega and Sycho Sid & The 1-2-3 child and Owen Hart & Yokozuna in a “RAW Bowl” Elimination match.
  • 1995: Yokozuna breifly feuded with Mabel, then Ahmed Johnson, whom managed to slam Yoko in his 1st look..
  • ~~~This generated Jim Cornette, Vader, British Bulldog & Owen Hart attacking Yokozuna and “breaking his leg”..

World Wrestling Federation – Babyface:

  • Yokozuna & Mr Fuji officially turned babyface..
  • ~~Following the match, health staff carried Yokozuna out on a forklift because of a “storyline” broken leg..
  • WrestleMania XII: Owen Hart & British Bulldog & Vader beat Yokozuna & Jake Roberts & Ahmed Johnson..
  • Yokozuna took the summertime down, urged by WWF administration to reduce some body weight before he returned.
  • SummerSlam 1996: Steve Austin overcome Yokozuna in ‘Free-for-all’ complement.. Yoko moved up for Bonzai fall additionally the top line broke!
  • ~~~This sent Yokozuna crashing on pad, in which he had been easily pinned by Steve Austin..
  • Survivor Series 1996: Yokozuna, Jimmy Snuka, Flash Funk & Savio Vega took in Vader, Farooq, Fake Razor & Fake Diesel–DOUBLE DQ..
  • Yokozuna failed an actual because of the ny State Athletic Commission, which revolked his wrestling permit in just about every State.
  • Yokozuna had been never ever seen in a WWF band once more.

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