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Shinto Shrine granite Falls

Ai (meeting/ joining) KI (spirit / vibration / essence) Do (Michi/ path/way/ strategy) is a serious Budo (martial way) that developed from and reflects a Shinto cosmology. The powerfully streaming spiral moves of Aiki technique are a dynamic meditation, removing the obstrutions that keep practitioners besides the life giving forces.

The Founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei O’Sensei (whose mitama is enshrined at Gyomando of Tsubaki Grand Shrine in Japan and also at Tsubaki Kannagara Jinja) stated:

Aiki may be the way of the Kami and came to be associated with the will associated with the Kami.

Rise early in the morning to welcome sunlight. Inhale the air of heaven and let the cosmos inside. Next air up the rich vibrance associated with earth. Combination these breaths with your personal breathing and start to become the breath of life it self. Your mind and body is going to be gladdened, heartache and frustration will dissipate and you will certainly be filled up with appreciation.

The motions of Aikido which unite individual with great nature are all given by Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami. Aikido is Misogi..a purification of ourselves…the method of the world.

At Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America Aikido is practiced on a regular basis in Haiden (community hallway) led by the Senior Priest who has 40 years knowledge since the the instructor of Aikido. Most people are welcome…please contact the Jinja for schedule plus information .

Master Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of Aikido, checked out Tsubaki grand shrine in spring of 1958, guided by master Michio Hikitsuchi of Kumano Aikido dojo. Once master Ueshiba attained the shrine, he said he would practice the misogi (a waterfall purification) at Konryu-Myojin's waterfall of Tsubaki Grand Shrine, and he practiced misogi with me.

Then he participated in a purification service at Haraiden (the Shrine purification hall), and prayed at Honden (the key sanctuary). After I completed reciting the Norito (prayer) he chanted, "Su-U-Ah-Oh-Uh-Eh-Ih" after that took the wooden blade and supplied a few Aikido techniques to OhKami. During those times he said, "they are the basics of Aikido. Techniques which unite the becoming with the great nature, these given by Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami." He continued, "Aikido is misogi. Misogi of ourselves. Aikido may be the means of misogi it self, how you can come to be Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami and stand-on the Ame- no-Ukihashi (the bridge between paradise and planet). Put simply, the abilities of misogi tend to be Aiki, just how of uniting paradise and planet, just how of world serenity, the way of trying to master mankind, the way in which of this Kami, how associated with universe.

He rested at my residence and then he told me and my father, "I have been offered numerous teachings by Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami. OKami told me, 'By the work of Takehaya Susanowo no Mikoto, you'll worship the Ame no Murakumo KuKamisamuhara Ryu O (Kami of Takemusu) and build an Aiki shrine and dojo.' i quickly built the Aiki shrine and dojo in Iwama, Ibaragi prefecture in 1940. Ever since then i've been seeking the primary shrine of Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami. we heard Tsubaki Grand Shrine may be the main shrine of Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami, so I went to right here these days."

Next time master Ueshiba went to the shrine often times per year. As he came to the shrine in 1959, he said he would like to enshrine Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami on Aiki shrine. In July 1960 We, rather than my father, took the Goshintai of Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami (statue of Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami) toward Aiki shrine in Iwama and performed the enshrinement ceremony. We moved indeed there with Mr. Shoji Gomi, which made the Goshintai, Mr. Akihide Isokai, and Mr. Masanori Fukuchi, shrine supporters. I recall that time: Master Ueshiba had great pleasure. It absolutely was a big ceremony with several participants, including master Kisshomaru Ueshiba of the Tokyo dojo.

Next he found the shrine usually. He planted a tree because of the waterfall associated with shrine. That tree continues to be here today.

I think master Ueshiba's words, "Aikido is misogi" tend to be real. Human beings are created as kiddies of Kami and can be Kami. Misogi is the rehearse of uniting because of the great nature and uniting with all the world. Naturally people have actually skin and bloodstream, but by exercising misogi we are able to raise our spirits. Simultaneously, Aikido misogi is a way of harmonizing paradise and earth, an easy method of making equilibrium and a way of uniting every little thing aided by the Kami. This means that, Aikido and misogi remove the mind that fights and and create a heart of equilibrium, a way of having a heart of Kami and a means of becoming the Kami of Takemusu.

Later on, he previously a vacation to Hawaii. He decided to go to attend the opening of an Aiki dojo. As he came back from Hawaii, he found the shrine and reported their visit to Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami. He explained that he finished the misogi of Hawaii and revealed me the important thing he had obtained as an honorary citizen of Honolulu.

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