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kendo imageBy Luke Bader*

Hey Everyone!

Exactly how ended up being your week down for Thanksgiving? I hope you all had a good chance to go to with friends as well as eat your fill of turkey, filling, potatoes, and undoubtedly, pie. Being within Japan, I’ve clearly been not able to commemorate into the old-fashioned way. But throughout the thirty days of November I’ve been maintaining myself hectic in a few other ways.

Today I was thinking I’d give out only a little about some of the things I’ve already been as much as this month:

Sumo 相撲:

Basically was to bet on what is just one of the top things Japan is known for, I’d probably put my money on Sumo. During very first few days of November I happened to be lucky enough to be on a-trip with a few of my fellow classmates to a sumo event being held in Fukuoka (Nov. 8). Having never ever gone to a sumo match before, it had been extremely entertaining to witness these types of a unique part of Japan’s historic tradition which includes continued today.

If you don’t understand, Sumo is a traditional (heading back a number of hundreds of years), highly competitive full contact page of wrestling. There are many guidelines which go with sumo wrestling however the standard goal is actually for one of several two wrestlers to force one other out from the band or even for one to the touch the floor for the arena with an integral part of their body aside from their particular foot. In Sumo, apart from the actual nature associated with the sport, there are certain ritual aspects that stem from the ancient Japanese religion of Shinto such using sodium to ‘purify’ the ring before every match, and achieving a Shinto priest give a blessing to every associated with the wrestlers.

The following is a link to a video clip I took of a single match through the event. This lasted longer than many because it was done by professional wrestlers:

Kendo 剣道:

Some thing my university within Nagasaki offers is a short semester training course on Kendo, or, the original art of swordsmanship (lit. “sword way”). Kendo makes use of bamboo swords called “shinai.” The cornerstone for Kendo is mastering just how to correctly wield the standard Japanese blade, the Katana. Today, Kendo is commonly practiced in dojos across Japan and regular tournaments take place for “kenouda” (an individual who techniques Kendo) to participate and assess their particular skills.

I must say, Kendo has most likely been one of the best things I’ve done this semester in school. It needed countless repeated rehearse with base and handwork but underneath the assistance of your instructor, Shimosato-Sensei, it had been a tremendously enjoyable (rather than to mention, fun) knowledge.

I do believe we’re prepared to be regarding ‘The Deadliest Warrior, ’ don’t you imagine?

photo of Luke and palsShinto 神道:

(While Shinto is a fascinating religion that we could in all honesty spend-all day currently talking about and only scrape the top, I will attempt to provide a short description)

Shinto may be the old-fashioned religion to the people of Japan. While within the centuries whenever Buddism made its way over from China, the 2 religions tended to blend collectively and form a crossbreed version, Shintoism has actually nonetheless had a tremendous impact on a brief history and tradition of Japan. Shinto is (let me tell you) a polytheistic faith, meaning it requires the worship of numerous gods/goddesses (or as they are called in Japanese, Kami). In fact, one nickname that Japan has arrived to be called is “The Land of Eight-Million Kami.”

The unique worship sites of local Kami are known as Jinjas. Jinjas are big or small, depending on the significance fond of the deity, but them all usually have a small statue or object to honor the kami.

During my stay here, i've attempted to go to a few of them. A few days ago we went to a famous one known as ‘Suwa Jinja’ situated within Nagasaki with some of my buddies. I have to say that the design of those sacred sites never ever fails to wow me personally due to their beauty, no matter if they're big/small or elaborate/simple.

In addition, using the opportunity, I slipped up to the gift store area and found some お守り(omamori), or charms/amulets employed for protection and luck. Effortlessly, seeing Jinjas has-been certainly one of the best reasons for checking out Japan!

Me personally plus some buddies standing in front of a row of frightened archways (tori) at Suwa Jinja

Here's a concern directed at those who have taken place to travel to another country. What was the predominate faith indeed there? Christianity? Islam? Buddhism? Hinduism? Whilst you are there did you check out any of the major spiritual web sites? In that case, We invite that share a link to your photos within the opinion part the following!

Thanks for reading everybody! まったね!


Enjoyable Facts (concerning the overhead):

  • Sumo is in fact the state sport of Japan. Although when examining devotedness of baseball followers on television here in Japan, you may have thought usually.
  • The idea of the activity of Kendo should discipline the individual character through the application principles regarding the katana, such as the signal for the samurai, Bushido.
  • The word “Shinto/神道” indicates “Way associated with the Gods”.

*Luke Bader is a senior majoring in international researches with a small in Japanese and a certificate written down at University of Iowa. This semester, the Jesup, IA native is learning overseas from the USAC Nagasaki plan in Japan.

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