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home made Baby Sumo CostumeBy Christina
(Saint-louis, MO)

My son was nonetheless pretty chunky on his second Halloween, although he was walking around inside the diaper one-day the notion of a sumo wrestler came to myself. I possibly couldnot only place him in a diaper and let him run around outside in October, however; he would be cold, and that would just be too simple besides. Therefore began about a three month long task. I took a long sleeved onesie from their wardrobe, discovered an off-white long-sleeved onesie with a turtleneck (one dimensions bigger to permit room for stuffing) and dyed it beige, and sewed the two together during the neckline and hands. I then stuffed quilt filling between the two and sewed all of them collectively at the end as well. The fold regarding the "man tits" therefore the stomach key were produced by pulling some bond through through the top layer into base one and tying it well. A pink highlighter made the erect nipples.

For bottom 1 / 2, we took a set of pajama pants and sewed all of them with a set of off-white pants I would discovered and dyed similar beige. Once again, I stuffed quilt completing amongst the two layers. As with the belly switch and "man boobs", we pulled some thread through behind seam to create a "break" where in actuality the black thong would lay. When I sewed an item of black fabric into bottom 1 / 2. I bought a pincushion, that we put underneath a black skull cap and tied off with a hair band to create his "hair" using the bun.

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