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SP 1Should your visit to Tokyo match with a sumo event being held in city, you really owe it to yourself to start to see the sport face-to-face. Tickets are affordable, the matches are fast-paced and showcase a surprisingly huge selection of techniques (numerous just like those of offensive linemen in football), and there’s really no chance to properly express the amazing controlled ferocity through a television display screen. Additionally, the arena is compact adequate that even the cheap seats supply good view of this action.

Plus case you'll need an additional incentive, the place is currently house to two unique sticker photo stands, in which just a little digital photo manipulation lets you simply take a picture with your preferred sumo wrestler.

Once we stated, the Kokugikan, Tokyo’s sumo arena into the Ryogoku community, is intimately sized adequate to provide spectators numerous chances to start to see the rivals, labeled as rikishi, up-close and personal.SP 5 Nevertheless, the big men are right here to slap each other around, perhaps not break images aided by the followers, therefore it’s not likely you’ll get the chance to talk the activities much more prominent numbers into finding the time to pose to you.

Instead, visitors to the Kokugikan makes utilization of two purikura machines, the image sticker booths which can be a mainstay of Japanese gaming arcades and activity facilities. Each machine is full of pictures of 42 wrestlers of sumo’s top division, the makuuchi.

▼ one of many devices

SP 2▼ an example of this frames

The Japan Sumo Association showcased the machines through its official Twitter account, with former rikishi and present sumo advisor Asakayama demonstrating as he took just what he states is their first collection of purikura in 20 years.

▼ No, the booth is not little. Asakayama is big.

One round of purikura prices 500 yen (US.80), that shutterbugs reach choose two rikishi to present with.SP 3 As is standard, the machines tend to be managed by touch screens, and after snapping the picture users can add on stamps as well as other decorations.

Asakayama’s very first selection was the 23-year-old increasing celebrity Endo.

The retired wrestler revealed some favoritism together with second option, posing inside a-frame with individual buddy Aminishiki, whom Asakayama affectionately calls Ami-tan.

Both machines can be seen regarding the second floor of stadium. For those of you concerned about burning up any stickers, fear maybe not, as an electronic copy for the photos may also be sent to your cellular phone for safekeeping.

Stadium information:
Ryogoku Kokugikan / 両国国技館

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