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sumo stamp topJust who understood listening to hypnotic hand-prints could possibly be therefore soothing?

If you’re not a die-hard sumo wrestling fan, then you can perhaps not understand of Hakuho Sho. He attained sumo’s greatest ranking of yokozuna in 2007, and from the time after that he’s been an admirer specialty, possibly because he could be a total monster, using existing record for some undefeated competition titles.

As soon as you’re a national sumo star, you have to be willing to connect to the fans. But sumo wrestlers typically don’t indication things with a little autograph — instead, they give a giant handprint to demonstrate off exactly how, really, monster they are.

By way of Japanese Twitter individual @azechiazechi we recently got a sneak peek into just what it looks like if the sumo hand-stamping factory is working full-force. Take a good look at it right here:

▼ “Miyaginobeya sumo residence teamwork. Helping make Hakuho’s tegata (hand images). Using it nice and slow today, and using the rare red ink.”

スモートフォン (@azechiazechi)

We don’t know about you, but there’s just anything… oddly satisfying about seeing that. Possibly it’s the rhythmic “clicking” appears associated with hand going from ink to paper, or even it's the sliding associated with the images across the table, or possibly it's just the beautiful efficiency of it all.

Is sumo-therapy something? Because we imagine a program of listening to those calming hand-beats accompanied by a few huge sumo-hugs would do wonders the heart.

Here’s exactly what Japanese netizens must say in regards to the hand-stamp factory:

“They’re similar to a printing machine.”
“Actually, i believe they’re way quicker than a printer is.”
“How is that ink maybe not blow drying?!”

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