The Sumo Wrestling Arena!

Sumo wrestling Arena

Once I familiar with hear the phrase “sumo, ” i usually pictured huge males in cotton fiber thongs just waddling around intimidating men and women. Then, I moved to Japan and visited a proper Sumo tournament at Ryougoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, and my estimation had been never ever similar.

If you have any doubts about seeing a Sumo tournament through your stay-in Japan, reconsider that thought. This, as with any other occasion you may go to in this nation, is full of tradition and wealthy tradition that dates back more than 100 years. We joked your rituals before and after each match took up 99% of this day, however it’s really real.

You are going to hear the referees chant over and over again, but every time it remains awe-inspiring because of their dedication to keeping the tournament’s rituals just like those associated with initial Shinto practices. Extremely, Japan features just as before maintained the original intent behind among their long-held customs through these tournaments.

Buying Passes

I bought my tickets on line from the formal Sumo Association website and selected all of them up at local 7-Eleven shop. Once you choose your chairs, you are offered several options including “box seating” which hold 4-6 individuals, and “chair seats” sold in singles. Definitely, the greater costly seating get you nearer to the action; but be informed the package seats contain traditional-style zabuton (座布団) [seat cushions] without back, and was fairly uncomfortable if you haven’t gotten used to the Japanese way of floor-sitting. I enjoyed sitting nearby the back line of the arena so we could easily get an excellent examine everything, nonetheless it’s undoubtedly up to your individual choice.

They likewise have basic admission seating this is certainly sold similar morning during the gate, but I’ve heard many people were switched away unless they showed up at 6:00am, and I didn’t wish to take the chance. After purchasing the seats for a weekday, I found out that the tournament begins around 8:00am and ends up later on when you look at the mid-day depending on the way the matches go. Thus I believed, “we need to get here early therefore we don’t miss such a thing!” I became wrong, the arena ended up being almost completely vacant each day.

It absolutely was quite great having most of the destination to ourselves and seeing the matches regardless of level of visitors. After ward, we enjoyed some delicious hot ramen at a little noodle shop inside arena. We ended up making prior to the last suits had been more than but we liked every minute of my sumo knowledge, despite my preconceptions.

The Fans

Once more fans started to arrive around lunchtime, it absolutely was really enjoyable to see how this typically quiet, calm men and women reacted. There were all types of fans: the serious, die-hard Sumo followers who pre-ordered front row box chairs and sat quietly, viewing and waiting. Then folks like us had been sitting near the back, appreciating a conversation and a snack while trying to puzzle out what was taking place, but all in a quieter spot farther from doyou (土俵) [ring]. However the many astonishing followers of most had been those that were consuming and shouting during the wrestlers from their particular fifteenth line chair. They would raise their sound, clap and cheer, and acquire exceedingly angry when their most favorite wrestler didn’t win the match.

It was interesting, after breaking it into various kinds of fans, you can almost compare the Sumo fans to NFL or NASCAR followers that i'd see back America. Particularly the louder kind; naturally, this will be an overgeneralization, but it was enjoyable to observe that even yet in such various countries some followers still react with the exact same enthusiasm. I may not need had that same comprehension and enthusiasm for matches, but I surely enjoyed watching others whom did.

Once we had been making, we reached see some of the higher-ranking wrestlers arrive. There have been lots of followers standing around them yelling and cheering, all-in an orderly fashion, definitely. Even while, the wrestlers simply held their solemn faces as they walked through crowd. Despite a number of the followers inside the arena reminding myself of house, this setup outside reminded me that I happened to be nonetheless enclosed by nice, respectful Japan. Naturally, there was clearly no rowdy tailgating or barbequing going on outside.

Some fun guidelines:

  • It is possible to bring in your very own meals and beverages! These were extremely relaxed in comparison to United states recreations activities.
  • In the event that you didn’t bring snacks, they offer food alongside products and souvenirs which can be permitted when you look at the sitting area.
  • Take many photographs, and use the enjoyable image booth (purikura (プリクラ) aided by the Sumo background!

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