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Desperate father trying to offer his kidney to pay for treatment for morbidly obese siblings


THREE overweight kids in India who underwent unique surgery to lose surplus weight this past year are now fatter than ever before.

The household of Yogita, 5, Anisha, 4, and Harsh, 3, could just afford life altering surgery in Summer through on line donations.


Overweight kids Yogita, 5, Anisha, 4, and Harsh, 3, have actually continued to balloon in size despite having slimming down surgery

The kids, who were dubbed “sumo children” by neighbours, all lost weight because of the operation.

But ever since then the youngsters, whom live in Gujarat, have actually continued to put on the pounds.

Desperate daddy Rameshbhai Nandwana, 35, now plans to sell their kidney to raise money for their kiddies to see specialists.

He stated: “The operation has done little good to my young ones. When they consistently putting on weight like this, they won’t manage to go an inch in coming days.

“we cannot see all of them dying facing my eyes, therefore I will do whatever deems fit to just take all of them to the right treatment. If it calls for us to offer my renal, I won’t wait performing this, ” states Nandwana.”

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Dad Rameshbhai Nandwana, 35, plans to sell his renal to pay for expert treatment Neighbors have dubbed the morbidly obese young ones ‘sumo children’ The children’s annoyed parent said: ‘Their belly is an abyss’

Labourer Nandwana earns simply 500 Rupees a-day, which hardly covers his children’s eating habit. He has got applied for loans from loved ones that rack up to 10, 000 Rupees.

He said: “Their belly is an abyss. It really is difficult to make sure their particular well-fed and their hunger is satiated. The youngsters demand food everyday incase discover any wait they begin sobbing and screaming.

“The kitchen is my living room now. On occasion, I get frustrated then again I console myself it is really not the kids’ fault. That They're suffering more than I Actually Do, ”


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Before last June’s fat reduction functions, the children had been morbidly obsese.

Yogita weighed 5.7 rock, Anisha was 7.4 stone and infant Harsh weighed 2.5 rock.

Each child destroyed around half a rock through the operation.

But one-year later on, the youngsters have attained back once again the weight plus.

The household inhabit the western Indian state of Gujarat

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Labourer parent Nandwana earns just 500 Rupees on a daily basis, which barely covers his family members' eating issue He acknowledges the surgery a year ago did not help their children to lose surplus weight

Six-year-old Yogita now clocks 5.8 rock, pre-schooler Anisha weighs in at 8.8 stone and toddler Harsh is 3.1 rock.

Oldest child Bhavika, 7, weighs in at an ordinary 2.6 rock.

Whilst the family saw all three children balloon inside their first 12 months, they realised that the young ones suffered from an illness.

Nandwana is recommended to find assistance from professionals in hospitals further afield.

The household are informed that they must seek out professionals further afield to assist them All three kiddies ballooned in size over their particular first year The family have taken aside smooth loans as high as 10, 000 Rupees to fund the kids' eating habit

He said: “Since I couldn’t manage therapy in pricey hospitals, I made the decision to offer my kidney to invest in their therapy. Happily, the government buckled under media stress as well as the kids were taken up to the state-run center in Ahmedabad. After the procedure, we had been certain that the issue is solved. But no, it was simply the begging.

“i am hoping to generate enough funds from that to fund my children’s treatment at a better center.”

"the federal government did the tokenism by helping united states final time. This time around, i understand there defintely won't be anyone to aid. Thus I have begun selecting those who need kidney donors. Whatever cash I get from selling the organ, I'll invest it to their better treatment.”

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