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how exactly to Watch Sumo in Tokyo with KidsIf you want to know how to view sumo in Tokyo with young ones, you’re in the correct destination. I’ve visited the Ryogoku Kokugikan (Tokyo’s Sumo Stadium) half a dozen times for suits, and another or both of my kids came along. Seeing sumo in Tokyo with children is fun, therefore’s not that tough or high priced.

The Kokugikan is merely several subway channels north from my old community. The region around Ryogoku has a lot of interesting things you can do with kids, which I’ll explain in the next post. But initially, allow me to describe just how to view sumo in Tokyo.

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Would you like to head to a competition? Seeing a match during the Ryogoku Kokugikan is the best way to see sumo. You should know, however, that while sumo wrestlers train year-round, you will find only some basho (official sumo wrestling competition) in Tokyo yearly. Another significant tournaments have been in places like Osaka and Nagoya.

How to Watch Sumo in Tokyo with children PINThe Tokyo bouts take place in January, might, and September. Each event is simply over a couple of weeks long. So you have actually a great window of opportunity to get passes, especially if you go on a weekday in the event. It’s significantly less crowded then. That’s how-to watch sumo in Tokyo: go when the crowds of people aren’t around.

Seating: Tips Watch Sumo in Tokyo

Seat prices include a cramped square of tatami mats for four men and women at over JPY 10, 000 (approx. USD $100) a person to individual seating on the second level for JPY 3, 800 (around USD $35).

So you should remain close? Good, do it now. However, you need to recognize that in the event that you pay top-dollar become closer, you'll be sitting on tatami mats with no chair right back. This gets uncomfortable after a while. I lived in Japan for 13 many years and I never got accustomed it. Besides, you can’t actually sprawl down, or have your feet pointing toward the ring. My guidance? Get a seat, not a mat.

  • Verify you’re buying tickets into the right town. Tokyo bouts occur in the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

how exactly to Watch Sumo in Tokyo with teenagersHow to watch Sumo in Tokyo with inexpensive Tickets

The spot we frequently sit, however, is in the jiyu-seki (no-cost seating) at the very top row. The “free” in these seats usually they’re basic entry or more for holds — they really cost cash. These chairs are JPY 2, 100 for adults, JPY 200 for young ones and under 4 tend to be free.

These passes carry on sale at 8am each day of event — no pre-sale. To actually obtain these sumo passes, you need to be here much sooner than that. I once arrived after 7am 3 days in a row and left empty-handed. Only when I attained 6am (ticket booth opens at 7am) performed I get my seats.

This is just what the line appeared to be once I arrived at 7:30am on a Friday. Bad concept. We existed 20 moments away at the time, which means this had been a mild inconvenience for me personally. Not so for your needs if you’re only in the city for a couple days. It might be worth taking into consideration attempting time watching sumo in with an early-morning stop by at the Tsukiji fish marketplace since you’ll have been completely up all day before this.

just how to Watch Sumo in Tokyo with teenagersFirst come, initially served

The jiyu-seki could be considered the “nosebleed seats” into the arena: ab muscles top line. In addition, whilst the “free sitting” title reveals, these are typically first-come, first served.

That’s the bad development. Fortunately the top row seating continue to be very good. You can hear the punch of their bodies once they collide, and c’mon, those men tend to be huge. Additionally, most times of the tournament begin in the morning and finish around 6pm. The biggest-name wrestlers perform last, and that’s whenever a lot of people arrive. In the event that you go on very early afternoon, and on occasion even each morning when young no-name wrestlers battle, you’ll likely obtain a good chair.

Food, alcohol, and kid-friendly beverages are sold right here, you could additionally pack a couple of bento and drinks inside bag if you would like.

Other stuff to accomplish in Kokugikan

The fits move quite fast. There’s one after another around any 5-10 mins. This is often interesting, however for some kids, this design could easily get monotonous before long, so wake up and circumambulate. Read the building in addition to surrounding grounds. There clearly was a shrine and a little sumo museum. The sumo museum gets discussed a whole lot as some thing to do right here, but in my estimation, it is not too impressive or something that keeps your attention for long.

how exactly to Watch Sumo in Tokyo with teenagers how exactly to view Sumo in Tokyo with toddlers PIN

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