Glossary Of Sumo Terms

Kuroboshi Sumo


Obtaining akabeko (standard cow shaped toys) and kiriko (a form of cut-glass).


Kinboshi (lit. "gold celebrity": dazzling triumph in sumo)


Kuroboshi (lit. "black star": sumo term "failure mark")


Center associated with top percentile.

Goals money for hard times

To produce sumo some sort of standard.


The Seventh Fist

Yūma Chiaki (千秋祐馬, Chiaki Yūma), or Thor, as he is more frequently known, ended up being formerly the Seventh Fist of Ragnarok and at this time a captain for Shinpaku Alliance.


Thor is a very high and large-framed guy. He could be lightly-tanned with brief black hair with lengthy sideburns. He sports a precise and well-muscled build with a sizable stomach; just what he views the most perfect blend of muscle tissue and fat. He usually is seen wearing a sleeveless kimono to exhibit off his muscular hands and often does not put on any footwear, but occasionally wears shoes as a choice. During his times because the Seventh Fist of Ragnarok, he wore black colored gloves with golden markings insignias shaped like roman numeral for "7". Recently, Shigure has given him metal supply Guards, combined with other countries in the Shinpaku Alliance.


He fights making use of a combat-sumo combat style and joined up with Ragnarok in order to make their imagine making the combat-sumo style main-stream. Despite being in Ragnarok, Thor features a top level of honor, capable of reasoning with enemies, and views upholding the guidelines of sumo wrestling their main priority. Thor is also perceptive, while in an imminent rage, having straight away discerned exactly who Kenichi had been after their particular very first encounter on the basis of the information that Siegfried passed on to him. Thor feels that Shinpaku Alliance consists of real comrades, unlike Ragnarok, during which he thought Siegfried was the sole one who was their comrade.

Thor has actually a very good taste for other Sumo Wrestlers. Such inside D of D Tournament, he cheered for one. He in addition claims items that most Sumo Wrestlers state.

Thor normally scared of levels, eg as he necessary to leap away from a helicopter, he grabbed the side stating he cannot do it. However, he place his anxiety behind him with regard to their pals. Like Kenichi, he is also scared of operating dangerous rides such as for example rollercosters, something Kenichi shares with him.

Thor techniques a hybrid martial-art greatly centered on conventional sumo. An interesting note about Thor usually he had been never trained by any master in combat-sumo, yet he realized his level by pure hard work and education. Ikki Takeda also stated that Thor, whom obtained their level without a master is " merely beyond belief", showing that underneath his expected stupidity, he reveals ability through their dedication and hardwork as a martial artist. Thor would later on obtain some education from Danki Kugatachi, significantly boosting their already formidable battling abilities. During this time period, Thor could find out various things from staff master, including battling against weapons barehanded and discovering simple tips to dodge tools. The truth that Thor could learn and create additional skills for their combat-sumo style from Danki, although the latter is a-weapons master, while the undeniable fact that sumo and staff strategies have absolutely nothing in accordance with one another, reveals exactly how determined and devoted Thor in fact is about attaining their desire mastering Sumo.

  • Sumo-Based crossbreed Martial Artist: Thor has taken standard sumo wrestling and combined it with road fighting techniques and techniques in order to produce a far more battle ready difference which he calls "Combat-Sumo", consequently his fighting design is known as is a kind of hybrid martial arts. As a hybrid martial artist, Thor's battling design, training, and moves cannot revolve around any solitary control, minus the ways of sumo wrestling. Instead, Thor takes whatever variety of battling strategy they can get; punching, kicking, palm attacks, throwing, takedowns, etc. and incorporates it into his combat-sumo to efficiently battle much more diverse opponents.Kenthor1 In order to make combat-sumo far better in battle, Thor is continually finding new how to make their design more adaptable, the maximum illustration of this adaptability occurs when he took just what he learned from Danki Kugatachi, who is an employee master, and later became in a position to fight against weapons equally well while the other members of the Shinpaku Alliance, which will show how functional their Combat-Sumo style is becoming.
  • Fierce Determination: it must be mentioned that Thor's greatest ability is their dedication and hard-working atitude. With this specific determination alone, Thor features continuously conditioned his human anatomy and created their sumo design far beyond the normal standard of regular sumo. With this particular dedication he trains everyday in ways that seem really unreasonable to many different fighters, and thus, Thor has grown to become a type of fighter that will deal with battling a varity various fighters and designs despite making use of a method of martial arts that originally wouldn't have been effective against large variants of martial artists. The truth that Thor could achieve this degree of fighting by himself without a master simply leaves a lot of fighters speechless, and after getting the teachings of Danki Kugatachi, Thor became inspired to exert effort also harder, and is now capable of battling gun users.
  • Enhanced strength: Thor taught their human anatomy to build up a combined size of muscle and fat that renders him extremly resistant against regular attacks. Also against powerful attacks from YOMI fighters such as for instance Rimi or Lugh, Thor has the capacity to shake it off enjoy it barely hurt him and continue fighting. His toughness is thanks to the Valkyries having trained with him constantly by striking his stomach and hardening his muscle tissue using their tools. During his instruction against tools, their master Danki informed him to strike while attempting to make his human anatomy as small as feasible, with greatly helped boost his total defense.
  • Enhanced Speed: working out that Thor underwent after Ragnarok disbanded significantly incresed their overall speed. Such that even Freya (who's a swift fighter by herself) commented about this feature. During their training with Danki, he learned tips carry his body whenever moving, that has provided him the ability to rapidly dodge and combat weapons despite his dimensions.
  • Enhanced Strength: Befitting his large build, Thor has plenty of power, such as having the ability to press a large bolder more than twice their dimensions with little to no effort and carry it, in addition to a number of other individuals with substantial energy. He's capable deliver several enemies traveling with his attacks.

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