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Please be aware that this could be the Reborn Wiki's article on Iemitsu Sawada, Tsuna's dad and mind of CEDEF. If you're trying to find the content on Iemitsu Sawada, the 85th Reborn! manga section, you then should check out Iemitsu Sawada.

Character Outline

Iemitsu Sawada (沢田 家光, Sawada Iemitsu) could be the daddy of tenth Generation Vongola Boss, Tsunayoshi Sawada as well as the leader associated with CEDEF, Basil's master, together with External consultant towards the Vongola Famiglia.


Iemitsu, unlike the remainder of his family, possesses blond locks (presumably passed down from their ancestor Giotto) and a tall muscular build. Whenever in informal garments, he wears a white tank top and a Orange construction worker leap match using the upper half off and tied up around their waist. He has got already been seen to put on boxer short pants. Whenever working, he wears a suit and connect.


Iemitsu is a really happy-go-lucky individual who wants to drink, rest, and dream of his wife, Nana. At the same time, he takes their task seriously. When he left residence, he wished Nana to share with Tsuna he'd gone away and "become a star, " an euphemism for dying. His cover tale ended up being that he was working traffic at building sites, but he had been really away on Vongola business.


He married their spouse Nana, who was a waitress at that time, at a young age and their only son Tsuna was born fourteen many years ahead of the main storyline. Seven years later on, Iemitsu along with his group, CEDEF, had been in charge of investigating an attack on allied employers for the Vongola. From the examination, CEDEF found that among the bullet holes was produced by an old fine art supplier who was none other than Enma's daddy, Makoto Kozato. While they began investigating, an event occurred that triggered twelve of Iemitsu's subordinates becoming barbarically murdered while crammed into a hotel elevator. This event was known as the "Flood of Blood" incident. Makoto Kozato's bullets were found at the scene, and Iemitsu eliminated them immediately. That night, Kozato's house was attacked; Makoto, his spouse, along with his daughter, Mami had been killed in their space much like the Flood of Blood incident. Following the murders, Iemitsu denied any involvement into Ninth while the incident went unsolved.

Plot Overview

Iemitsu came back from their work visit to oversee working out that Tsuna's Guardians went through. In a flashback associated with the choosings of the Guardians, he offered Mukuro the opportunity to become Tsuna's Mist Guardian in exchange for Ken and Chikusa's safety.

He in addition led the storming for the Vongola headquarters so that you can recover Timoteo, the 9th Vongola employer, and then discover an imposter in his location. The imposter mortally wounded him inside belly with a gunshot.

Their status, in addition to their spouse Nana Sawada's and Vongola Nono Timoteo's, tend to be unidentified after the Millefiore introduced down the Vongola Headquarters in Italy. Reborn said that Iemitsu and Nana had been in Italy on a break whenever HQ siege happened.

He has already been accused by Enma on ordering the CEDEF to destroy his family members. But Daemon Spade revealed which he disguised himself as Iemitsu, caused the Flood of Blood event and killed Enma's household.

Iemitsu is first seen in CEDEF head office agreeing to Colonnello's ask for the CEDEF to battle for him. Later, Iemitsu arrives in Japan as Colonnello's representative and greets Tsuna and Nana, exposing their CEDEF workers also, though he introduced all of them to Nana as their "fellow employees" to dig for oil. When Byakuran shows up, Iemitsu watches Tsuna with calculating eyes as Tsuna converses with Byakuran, albeit the previous had been nervously this. Whenever day of the Representative Battle of Rainbow arrives, Tsuna rushes out of our home quickly, Nana commenting as to how rude he had been to his daddy; Iemitsu, but states that it was his fault he had been away for too long.

During the start of first fight, an explosion of Sky Flames destroy the walls next to Tsuna, hardly lacking him: due to the fact dirt cleares, Iemitsu appears indeed there, saying to Tsuna that it was time he addressed him as a grown-up. Tsuna then adopts Hyper Dying will most likely Mode and attacks Iemitsu with a full-on assault, though he was hardly breaking through Iemitsu's security, the said individual countering by entering Hyper Dying Will Mode himself and unleashing a single powerful punch at Tsuna, which sends Tsuna flying from the building, coming across incapacitated, and also leaving a percentage of their fighting area's roofing ruined.

Into the second round of the Battle associated with the Rainbow, Iemitsu arrives with staff Colonnello to defeat Team Verde and Team Uni. As Colonnello releases their curse Iemitsu tells Colonnello never to eradicate Team Reborn's representatives-as these people were allies-and to eradicate Team Yuni and Team Verde. As Colonnello fires the chance leaving Team Reborn unscathed Iemitsu associates Tsuna through the X-Headphones to see if he is alright. Iemitsu tells Tsuna to get since far away from struggle as possible, as Colonnello would definitely fire a shot that would eradicate Byakuran and Mukuro, getting rid of Team Yuni and Team Verde. Tsuna does not want to let them hit Byakuran, so Iemitsu declares your alliance between them was officially ended and that Colonnello would be firing at them also next chance. Tsuna conveys his surprise at Iemitsu that he had been terminating their particular alliance. Iemitsu tells him when they were planning stop all of them from eliminating Byakuran, then he needed to re-assess their particular alliance, telling Tsuna to rapidly make their choice, as he would not wait a lot longer. He requires Tsuna regarding course of action, and Tsuna tells Iemitsu to take. Tsuna after that triggers Mitena di Vongola Primo and informs his teammates to organize for the 2nd chance. Iemitsu commands Collonello to fire but Byakuran intervenes, leaving Tsuna to attack him for a rematch. Team Colonnello tend to be successful in beating Team Yuni as Byakuran's manager watch is destroyed. Meanwhile, Tsuna is rushing towards Iemitsu. Iemitsu tells Colonnello to go out of this to him and to conserve his un-cursed time, and Colonnello says, "provide, stop" and wishes Iemitsu fortune. Iemitsu boring

Iemitsu bored stiff

Tsuna blows Iemitsu to the surface, nevertheless the latter kicks the previous, delivering him hurtling right back. Iemitsu opinions to Tsuna that he hadn't improved at all, but Tsuna, enraged, informs him to shut-up and slams him in to the floor again. But Iemitsu is apparently unfazed and slams Tsuna in to the surface next to him. Tsuna miracles, in the pain, why he nonetheless cannot beat Iemitsu. Tsuna recalls how Iemitsu left him and Nana in their house on it's own, just how he, as he came back, would just sleep or discuss useless stuff. Iemitsu, now sitting beside Tsuna, apathetically states that it was boring fighting with him. Tsuna exits Hyper Dying will likely Mode and concerns Iemitsu if he was insulting him. Lal Mirch notes that since Tsuna's exited Hyper Dying will likely Mode, their determination and power had collapsed.

Iemitsu, meanwhile, does not react and Tsuna asks him, angrier than before. Iemitsu still doesn't react and tells Tsuna to simply take of their manager view to make certain that he could destroy it. Tsuna refuses, therefore Iemitsu lifts a boulder and hurls it at Tsuna. Colonnello and Lal Mirch shout out it was going to crush Tsuna. But Tsuna is conserved by Reborn in nick period, much to Iemitsu's surprise. He briefly fights Reborn until Reborn changes back again to his infant form and then leave the battle to Tsuna. Iemitsu resumes his fight agains Tsuna whose battling design begins to progress than before, nevertheless they ended once the watch launched the end of the second battle.

Soon, Iemitsu receives information from Basil your Simon Family has-been beaten by the eighth team which led by the Arcobaleno with the obvious pacifier, Bermuda von Vichtenstein. Afterward, he returns to their household along side Lal and Basil, but a Vindice without representative wristwatch suddenly seems in Iemitsu's home and attacks all of them to destroy his boss watch. Iemitsu, along with Basil and Lal fights the Vindice collectively and seems in par with him, nevertheless the Vindice harms Iemitsu's residence, resulting Nana ahead away as she hears the sound and also the Vindice assaults this lady. When Colonello shows up from his meeting with various other Arcobaleno, Iemitsu ended up being greatly injured from protecting Nana and his manager view was damaged consequently.

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