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Super Duper Sumos

Bad box art is confirmed within industry. Anyone who has had the 'pleasure' of viewing the art for "Mega Man" regarding NES or "Dynamite Duke" regarding Genesis is well-aware of this issues. Disturbing box art, however, isn't quite as common. Require a good example? "Super Duper Sumos" on the Game Boy Advance. Depicting three huge males slamming their particular thong putting on butts together with a green compound exploding through the connecting things, you do NOT want to utilize your imagination to find this 1 out.

Taking control of either Booma, Kimo, or Mamoo, people needs on a variety of nasties in classic beat-em-up style. The sumos have the same basic techniques and attributes. Really the only differences are their particular special techniques, which ultimately shows too little care on the main developers. Opponents come from a small variety so repetition is a problem.

To overcome the overall game, players need to do so all-in-one setting. The video game lets people play through stages these have beaten, nonetheless they cannot move onto another brand-new amount making use of this purpose. All of the stages offer nothing new, though a few of the unique boss battles provide some mild enjoyable. Cinemas precede each amount to advance what small tale has-been included.

The crude photos of the experiences and sprites don't help the situation. Limited cartoon and almost no detail just barely qualifies this one for the system. Experiences are usually made up of exactly the same basic items through the extremely long amounts. The sound, from the usually strong MusyX technology, is decent but not dazzling. Various voice samples and songs that feels like it's coming from the SNES are the just small shows.

Here is the types of game you sit-down and play for an excessive period of the time, however're unsure why. Maybe you're mesmerized because of the fact that the lead characters are all 400+ pounds and use thongs. Perhaps it is the fact that this game is really undeniably awful, you just must see if things could possibly get any even worse. No matter what the reason, afterwards preliminary play session, you won't be finding its way back any time soon.

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