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No Caption Provided[UPDATE]Rockstar Games has launched more details from the new GTA on line up-date, called Lowriders: Personalized Classics, and introduced a trailer for it. As well as the new car modification options (Vapid Slamvan, Dundreary Virgo Timeless, Willard Faction, Personalized Donk), the revision brings the Compact Rifle in addition to double-barrel Shotgun. "Both new weapons can be used during drive-bys, " Rockstar said when you look at the announcement.

Gallery image 1In addition, brand-new clothes choices are now available, also 16 brand-new tattoo designs. There are three brand new hairstyles for every single gender.

Above all of that, a unique Adversary Mode labeled as Sumo has gone out now. It appears like sumo wrestling, but with cars. Here is the description:

"The new Sumo Adversary Mode features players working (either alone or in teams) to force the resistance out of the designated arena. Whether it's dimensions, speed, or control-players must select an automobile that meets their playstyle and become the last group staying inside arena before the clock operates out to win."

Personalized Classics can be acquired on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Computer. You can view a unique truck for this below.

Gallery image 2The original story is below.

Grand Theft Auto V got a brand new revision these days that introduces some brand new modification alternatives for three cars (the following) offered by the in-game Benny's Original engine Works store.

Now you can purchase brand-new automobiles and then deck all of them on with brand-new style to ensure they are get to be the Faction Custom Donk, Slamvan Custom, and Virgo Vintage Custom. Photos of those new custom cars can be obtained above, while reports on Twitter advise the enhance additionally includes brand-new weapons and perhaps much more.

Apparently, Rockstar can make an additional announcement these days about the brand new enhance. Keep checking right back with GameSpot for more information.

"When you set up roadblocks, and that's the way you monetize-that my work in a casual context, that kind of repetitive, addictive-type behavior-but we don't believe it works at all and doesn't obviously have a place when you look at the framework or core video gaming, " Slatoff said. "which means you have actually have to enable individuals enjoy and have fun with the online game and content that you offer for them is either enhances that gameplay knowledge but is not always required to enjoy the game. It improves it plus it enhances it in a meaningful means."

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