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The SUMO 2 builds regarding the success of the initial SUMO, integrating comments from our team pilots and customers. Whether your tracking goal will be develop wingsuit skills or even progress in BASE environment, the SUMO 2 is the answer. This brand new design is perfect for basic level trackers and for experienced trackers just who choose a two-piece match. If you are a skilled tracker in search of the utmost in range and glide, we advice the SAUSAGE.

The SUMO 2 is a direct advancement of their forerunner. It features similar total volume, but we have processed the aerodynamics for decreased drag by altering the inlet form and placement, and optimizing the positioning associated with the leg wing width. A unique inlet design yields less drag, more cost-effective air-input, and makes the suit back-fly and free-fly able.

By way of a slicker and much more agile feel, the SUMO 2 is a lot easier to control in steeper track sides and is general a far more forgiving however higher performance design. Jumpers with SUMO experience will instantly realize that the SUMO 2 settles into a naturally steeper and much more efficient perspective, and is simpler to transition from flat to steep AoAs.

Force FeedThe Squirrel No-Wobble program has-been held ahead from original SUMO, because seems to give an amount of accuracy that put the SUMO besides various other two piece styles. The NWS is recommended, but, when used, provides a tight and exact feel in monitoring maneuvers.

Overall, the SUMO 2 provides that which we believe may be the ultimate stability between volume and security, and it is the perfect choice for a primary monitoring match. The SUMO 2 was created to the same large standard that features made Squirrel wingsuits the standard for quality inside our recreation.


  • Force Feed

    In tracking such as life, the ability is within your pants. The SUMO 2 pants tend to be running on numerous mylar-reinforced inlets which quickly inflate and maintain force in the suit.

  • Quick StartsQUICK STARTS

    The SUMO 2’s new bi-directional supply inlets supply fast inflation and feed the match at all angles of attack.

  • NEW minimal PRO INLETS

    The Sumo pant inlets being optimized to reduce drag while keeping solid interior pressurization. All inlets are strengthened with Dimension Polyant Carbon/Graphite tri-laminate. Smaller knee inlets have increased rate and provide the fit a slicker and more nimble feel.

  • No-Wobble

    Within the pants during the leg, we've added a Velcro enclosure which anchors the pants towards leg, decreasing pant-leg wobble and increasing control and performance. This will be now a proven feature, and provides the suit an even more exact and solid experience when maneuvering in high-speed tracks.


    The large collar, cinched wrist, and extra-long torso help reduce leakage and keep force inside coat.


    Four zipped chest pockets offer numerous phone / disaster electronics / equipment storage, additionally the coat is lined with mesh and lycra for convenience and framework.


    The legs are heavily strengthened in Cordura, with 5mm of shut mobile foam padding for security and structure. The Cordura panels are actually custom color selectable.


    To maximize fit performance, three toe-tension options can be obtained, utilizing a lightweight and simple buckle/strap adjustment.

  • ZIPS

    Durable, strong, custom coloured 10C YKK zips are utilized in the closure of jacket and pants.


NEW minimal PRO INLETS No-Wobble Air-Tight Plenty-Pockets

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