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The sumo arenas of today have numerous features of historical importance. One of those could be the canopy above the band, which is modeled on top of a shrine. It signifies that sumo started as a Shinto ritual.A wrestler wins a bout by pushing their adversary out from the band, or by simply making him touch the bottom with any element of his human anatomy except the soles of their legs using some technique eg throw.

Each spring Osaka plays number to at least one of six yearly Grand Sumo Tournaments (generally Basho). 2016 Osaka Tournament works from March 13th to 27th, and bouts are held daily. The site is “Bodymaker Colosseum”, the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium.


Initially a court purpose, sumo has a history of over 1, 000 years. Bouts were held prior to the Emperor, and their outcome provided insights into the way the 12 months would prove. This ritual had been the first form of sumo.

asasyoryu04 Within the 18th century, commercial sumo tournaments started initially to be held across the country. Along with Kabuki and Bunraku, sumo became an incredibly well-known for of activity.

For each day of a tournament(around 3:50PM), the yokozuna, the best ranking wrestlers, do a ring-entering ceremony. It involves stylized stomping, that is supposedly centered on an ancient ritual designed to ward off the bad spirits hiding inside floor.

Exactly how a sumo bout proceeds and what to consider

The original charge, called Tachiai, is the very first key moment. The key arm listed here is to knock your opponent off-balance by hitting him along with your arms, hands, and head. If he manages to lose his stability, it could be feasible to press him out from the ring.
If both wrestlers continue to be standing in ring after the taciai, they start grappling. This is when catching your opponent’s mawashi becomes very important. This limits your opponent’s activity and gives your to be able to executer a throw.

The key should get a beneficial place and use a suitable finishing technique. Sumo calls for a mix of energy as well as its strategic aspect is what makes it exciting.


Tickets vary in expense. See for details. The expensive chairs, which include dishes and souvenirs usually sell away rapidly. The arena seating is situated more from activity and it is less expensive. We recommend you try for seats at the long-ways end regarding the fitness center, because they are closer to the ring. Arena sitting is normally on your day, but don’t expect it (especially going back few days).

Tickets when it comes to arena seating, listed 2000 yen (200 yen for children elderly 15 and under), is only able to be purchased from place. One other chairs is reserved by the internet, telephone, and also at convenience shops around Japan.

Sumo wrestling is an ancient Japanese sport where two wrestlers attempt to press each other off a band. Bouts usually are over very quickly, but they are preceded by stress heightening shows, since the wrestlers make an effort to psyche out both.

Location : Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium is around five-minute walk from Subway Namba station (exit number 5).

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