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Sumo wrestling facts

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  • Response: Akebono

    Akebono became initial foreign-born wrestler previously to attain the rank of yokozuna, which is the greatest doable position in sumo. He accomplished this feat through the January basho in 1993, as he protected their 3rd competition success. He retired in 2000, having claimed 11 basho (tournaments).

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Sumo Wrestlers are notable for their particular huge girth and huge stomachs. Their weight differs in the very best division from 200 to more than 500 weight. What number of different body weight divisions exist in Sumo?

  • Response: Nothing

    Sumo is situated strictly on ability, it isn't unusual for a 200 pound wrestler to fight a 400 pounder and beat him.

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At the beginning of 2002, who had been the two wrestlers holding the ranking of Yokozuna, the greatest in Sumo?

  • Response: Musashimaru and Takanohana

    Takanohana spent the next half 2001 recovering from a nagging knee injury. He competed in only one competition in 2002 (September), completing 2nd.

A Sumo wrestler's waist-belt is adorned by stiffened silk cords which offer just as ornamentation. What are these dangling adornments called?

  • Response: Sagari

    It really is legal for a wrestler to grasp the sagari, but they fall off quickly so it's of virtually no use to allow them to do so. Getting the silk waste-belt, labeled as a 'mawashi', is yet another matter entirely! It really is my sincerest hope we never have to see a mawashi for some reason cleanly taken from a wrestler's body during a match!

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Which Bulgarian sumo wrestler received the nickname, "Sumo Beckham"?

  • Solution: Kotooshu

    Called "Sumo Beckham" by the Japanese media as a result of their visual appearance and appeal with female fans, Kotooshu became 1st European to achieve the ranking of ozeki (2nd greatest in sumo) in November, 2005. He previously already been the very first wrestler in reputation for sumo to increase to the ranking in under 20 tournaments. The are six divisions in sumo and six tournaments each year. Wrestlers increase and fall within each division centered on their particular overall performance in each competition.

The Sumo Ring or Dohyo is recognized as extremely Sacred. When you look at the top divisions, salt is tossed to the dohyo to purify it ahead of the match. That is never allowed to step-in the Dohyo?

  • Solution: Women

    Ladies are never permitted within the dohyo, such as the stablemaster's spouse or Okamisan, which acts as a mommy into the younger wrestlers. The Mayor of Osaka (a female) challenged this in in the early 2000s in order to present a trophy throughout that town's basho, but the woman challenge was refused.

Whom won the January Grand Tournament?

  • Answer: Tochiazuma

    With Musashimaru sitting out of the second stages associated with basho (event), Tochiazuma edged out a trio of top contenders to claim the prize.

What's the backless dress labeled as that Sumo wrestlers put on without within the band? Who was simply the initial sumo wrestler to weigh in at over 600 weight (272.7kg)?

  • Response: Konishiki

    Konishiki ended up being a controversial figure in the sumo times, as debate raged concerning whether he ought to be marketed to yokozuna, which may are making him the very first non-Japanese to make this happen ranking. He obtained their top battling weight in 1996, as he weighed within the might tournament at 285kg (627lb). He won three tournaments throughout, and became the number of a children's tv program after he retired in 1997.

Sumo Wrestlers tend to be plagued with health issues, especially diabetes and liver problems. Numerous have died at a very young age. Who was simply the last Yokozuna to perish during the twentieth century while still being an energetic wrestler?

  • Solution: Tamanoumi

    All of the above passed away while nevertheless active wrestlers. Tamanoumi passed away from heart failure following an appendectomy in 1971.

Sumo wrestlers associated with Yokozuna ranking (the best position) put on their hair in a style resembling the leaf of what plant?

  • Response: Ginko

    It really is challenging describe the design of the seems to look like a tiny clam. Just two wrestlers at this time love this particular hairstyle...Musashimaru and Takanohana...due to their Yokozuna rankings. The famed Hawaiian wrestler Akebono also wore this hairstyle, but he's unfortunately resigned from the Sumo ranks.

Why had been Mongolian yokozuna Asashoryu, suspended through the September and November tournaments in 2007?

  • Solution: He faked an accident and had been later on filmed playing football

    Asashoryu became the very first intercontinental to win 20 tournaments when he completed with a 14-1 record in January, 2007. These types of ended up being his dominance inside mid-2000s that between November 2002 and July 2007, he won 20 for the 28 tournaments contested. He had been usually considered homesick, and after winning the July 2007 competition, he reported to own already been hurt and sat out a regional tour. Fleetingly after ward, he had been seen on television playing soccer in a charity match in Mongolia. Believing he previously faked their injuries to ensure he could have a spell at home, he had been suspended because of the sumo connection for 2 tournaments.

Winning streaks in Sumo are just like every other recreation. A variety of ability and chance, no person can perform 100percent each and every day. Which wrestler won 69 successive bouts, more during twentieth century?

  • Solution: Futabayama

    Futabayama won an incredible 69 bouts in a row into the late 1930s. Considered the most notable Sumo-tori ever, he never ever revealed he had been completely blind in a single eye until after he retired.

Once in the Dohyo ('ring'), the length of time may top division (Makuucchi) wrestlers delay the commencement of a Sumo bout?

  • Response: Four minutes

    Initially there clearly was almost no time limitation enforced upon the combatants and a ten minute limitation was not introduced through to the 1930s. These days, Makuuchi wrestlers have four minutes and Juryo 3 minutes.

The referee in a Sumo match wears a hat of extremely unique style. What exactly is this cap called?

  • Answer: Eboshi

    This headgear is one thing to observe, very sophisticated...and tough to clarify. The limit is of Chinese design and translates as 'Raven-cap' in English.

Just who in 2005, became the initial European to attain makuuchi (sumo's top division)?

  • Answer: Kokkai

    Hailing from Georgia, Kokkai rocketed up sumo's reduced divisions, winning his very first four tournaments without dropping a bout. His development slowed once reaching makuuchi and it took him another 17 tournaments to attain komosubi (sumo's 4th greatest rank). He caused controversy in 2005 after his opponents reported that he utilizing his stubble to gain an advantage in clinches. He was purchased because of the sumo relationship to shave more frequently.

More youthful Sumo Wrestlers need rely on their elders for cash, as they receive no regular income until they prove on their own and advance within the ranking ladder. At just what position do Sumo Wrestlers begin making a salary and having a normal check?

  • Response: Juryo

    The pay system in Sumo is extremely complicated. Although victories during one's career matter toward his salary, until the wrestler hits Juryo, he will not obtain an income.

Until 2002 (300 several years of competitive Sumo), exactly how many Sumo Wrestlers have actually reached Sumo's top-rank?

  • Answer: 67

    The typical tenure at the very top is much longer than in Sumo compared to other contact activities (eg boxing :-), especially given that Sumo Grand Champions always retire before they fall-off the rate.

Performing a mainly ceremonial purpose, continuously encouraging the Sumo wrestlers to grapple, the referee of a Sumo wrestling match nonetheless plays an integrated component in spectacle. What's the Japanese term because of this referee? Which sumo wrestler's parent won a silver medal inside 1968 summertime Olympic Games?

  • Solution: Hakuho's

    Hakuho's father, Jigjidiin Mnkhbat, won a sliver medal in guys's freestyle wrestling into the middleweight division through the 1968 Mexico City Olympic games. Hakuho became the next Mongolian yokozuna after winning all 15 of his bouts inside might 2007 competition.

Who was the heaviest wrestler inside top (Makuuchi) unit (2002)? The referee holds a ceremonial war fan or paddle that he wields together with his dagger! By what name is the lover referred?

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