Meiji Shrine, Harajuku

photo IMG_1629_zpsqgipdx81.jpgAfter my failed stop by at the pop-up cafe for minimal Twin Stars, I had meal at an Omelette Souffle Restaurant ふんわり卵 in Shibuya. Since it ended up being a tiny restaurant, it had been quite comfortable to eat alone. They didn’t have an english selection thus I ordered by pointing the pictures. The food here ended up being quite decent while the omelette souffle (Inside was lagsane) seems precious with regards to’s puff up. It absolutely was a pity the souffle dessert did not rise.

After my dinner, I decided to stroll to Meiji Shrine so that they can eat up my meal. Thankfully, the weather wasn't sunny (awesome humid) and my skin believed want it was continuously drenched with vapour/sweat.

During the change of NHK Broadcasting Centre where there have been several folks having some form of quiet road protests, we spotted a flea marketplace throughout the road and went in with the hope of discovering some cool things. There have been many interesting items but the majority had been antiques or display items which i really couldn’t convince myself to buy.

When I wandered on, the more organized tents became floor sales. Uncertain if these shop owners had to pay-rent for making use of the space (like in Singapore) or maybe they just bring a cloth and show their goods 100% free. Towards the end for the flea, there clearly was a place filled up with food trucks. It somewhat looks like a carnival, selling various country cuisines (think Thai, Taiwanese food). Didn’t bought almost anything to decide to try as my tummy couldn’t go anymore food =/

photo IMG_1632_zpsupuc0wfe.jpg

On the reverse side, there was clearly a stage overall performance by 4 girls enthusiastically dancing and singing to lively hits. It wasn’t extremely crowded but there clearly was a contingent of guys with DSLRs/ video cameras and a small selection of lover “boys/uncles” cheering and keeping ads. We don’t get it, We can’t obtain it but.. i assume this is certainly Japan.

At the conclusion of the path, there is an overhead connection which brought myself into Yoyogi Park. Regarding the chart, Yoyogi Park was right beside Meiji Shrine and I also had this crazy indisputable fact that i possibly could only hold walking straight and reach Meiji Shrine eventually. Thus, we entered Yoyogi Park, though it was not section of my initial program.

Yoyogi Park is an extremely interesting location to be, specifically on a Saturday afternoon. There have been lots of sets of individuals were in playground for differing reasons:

photo IMG_1636_zps3gox0p6m.jpg1. Appreciating the flowers – blooming roses which smells as good as they appear.

2. Busking and sharing their particular enthusiasm. He infused painting, party and songs into a (lengthy) performance. I became staring at him for 3 minutes and there was clearly barely any distinction towards artwork.

This guy over right here could play like more than 10 instruments at precisely the same time; hoping to sell their CDs away.

3. This appears like an institution activity (think freshman orientation or CCA direction) wherein a big crowd were playing some sports or having tele-matches in large green room offered (pretty rare in capital metropolitan areas).

4. Smaller cliques of buddies collecting when you look at the park perhaps for a special birthday or picnic? (Don’t realize why they are able to bother dressing therefore good when they are planning a park on a wet day. With the quantity of puddles and dirt, their particular gown ain’t going to stay white for very long)

5. Practicing music (you can inform they are exercising and not busking as they people will often find a quiet area in the vegetables). This 5-piece ensemble ended up being very amazing. Desired to stroll forward but I happened to be slightly shy.

Although it was just two person, such a thing is possible also – even a duet between a violin and a guitar.

6. Exercise/training; Saw this mommy and 2 sons with a trainer. I’m perhaps not 100% particular however it seems like the trainer was teaching them to operate and hop/jump.

There is a small grouping of individuals playing around with a slackline too (managing on a ribbon tied to two trees). Oh and there was a barricade area for dog run too.

photo IMG_1880_zpsf2nwieko.jpg

Yoyogi park – Imagine the scent of nature, the scent of rain, the beauty of interactions (human to person), the sound of songs, the noise of laughter and fun. I believe I invested close to one hour in there, trying to find my way to Meiji temple, disregarding the directions of Bing Maps which directed us to get out of Yoyogi Park, stroll along the main roadway and enter Meiji Shrine. I happened to be somewhat in denial, attempting to look for a secret gate which will deliver me across.. until I saw this indication: “There are no means from this park to Meiji Shrine directly.”

Since younger, I never ever like idea of back-trekking, even at the cost of walking more, but I didn’t have an option this time round since “my secret gate” or “hole inside fence” cannot be located. I had to exit Yoyogi Park, walk over the main roadway before entering through the Harajuku metro entrance.

The walk to Meiji Shrine (built-in 1920, in memory of Emperor Meiji) ended up being lined with high green trees (supplying great housing from the sun) and rugged footpath (Don’t know how folks can go the distance with heels). There have been numerous Tori gates (kind of lost expect the numbers) along the way in addition to sighting of each gate made me personally excited as I thought I happened to be nearing but there were a couple of empty shocks as I was not indeed there yet. The walk believed actually long (approximately 15 to 25 mins) or I was merely exhausted through the night trip.

I joined the shrine and proceeded to the main area to throw a money and pray. If I’m not wrong, Throw your coin initially (there was no bell to ring in Meiji Shrine), bow twice, make a wish/prayer, clap two times and bow.

Read more principles from here.

I became lucky to get a procession of a normal shinto wedding ceremony whereby a couple and their particular family/friends walk through the temple. At the time, I was thinking I happened to be actually lucky but shortly after, I overheard from a trip guide that theses weddings are so well-known that they can be held at fifteen moment periods. Since it was a Saturday, it was simple to witness one.

Similar to the shrines in Kyoto, I wanted to do the fortune-drawing thing. In Kyoto, there were two options, 1 for general luck and the various other for love in Meiji Shrine, there is only 1 for poem-drawing. Unlike the Kyoto one that lets you know like excellent, great, bad, very misfortune, this 1 only provides you with a phrase in a poem and a food for idea advice.

photo IMG_1883_zpsu9pt4cn2.jpg photo IMG_1887_zpszhshzb2x.jpg photo IMG_1890_zpsoxqjkvhc.jpg photo IMG_1643_zpsj0gr9twt.jpg

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