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* ‘A’ cardboard boxes are for 4 people. ‘B’ containers come in sizes for 1, 3, 4, 5 or 6 men and women. ‘C’ bins come in sizes for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 men and women. 5-person bins require an additional charge of 1, 400 yen per Box. 6-person Boxes need a supplementary cost of just one, 600 yen per package. 2-person container ‘C’ are made for 4 people, but sold only for 2 men and women, and that means you get more room. You can’t purchase only section of a Box. Arena chairs are for 1 person. Most containers within the building are for 4 men and women. Various other sizes are rare and hard to get, so please realize if they are unavailable. Please

**Ticket cost is the cost we purchase the admission, plus a tiny mark-up (about 4%) for Paypal costs.

Family/Senior Tickets

Information regarding Family/Senior Tickets:

1. A Family/Senior Ticket (just called “Family Ticket” from here on) is actually for 4 men and women. If there is at the very least 1 son or daughter (15 or younger) or 1 senior (60 or older) into the team, you qualify. Categories of all kids do not qualify.

2. We are going to give you a coupon for your needs Ticket. It is not the entrance pass! The voucher should be exchanged for your seats between 9:00AM-5:00PM at the time of this event. The exchange is created at a tent-structure to the right of the primary box office at the arena. You'll want every member of your team present to have the seats. In the event that you arrive with no children/seniors, they might maybe not provide you with your seats.

3. We accept household violation purchases for weekdays (Monday-Friday). They will have very limited availability. Please contemplate which ticket kind you’d like whenever we can’t get one available, and inform us your alternates whenever you contact us.

Family Ticket Kind Ticket Cost**
(per group)
Service Charge
(per individual)
Complete Expense
Family Arena 'B' (4 individuals) 16, 700 yen 1, 200 yen 21, 500 yen

*Ticket price represents the purchase price we pay for the pass, plus a little mark-up (about 4%) to cover Paypal fees.

Accepted Purchase Kinds

Here is a listing of order types we accept. Other forms sell-out immediately, so we don’t just take requests for them. Kindly understand that no matter if a ticket kind is in this list, it may not be accessible. Vacations and holidays sell out exceptionally rapidly. When possible, kindly plan one weekday when you are able visit sumo and use this as one of your day choices.

*January 9th is a vacation and is a week-end date*

first week
2nd week
(except final Sunday)
Last Sunday
All pass types except
2-person container 'C' on Friday
All ticket kinds except
Container 'The'
2-person package 'C' on Friday
4-person Box 'C'
Arena seats
4-person container 'C'
Arena 'B'
Arena 'C'

Optional Strategies

In search of one thing to complete in the morning of your sumo occasion? Just click here for information!

TOKYO SEATING MAP" data-height="350" data-anchor="#tippy_tip0_3901_anchor">

4-person package 'the' in Tokyo
first flooring
Distance to band 8-24m4-person container 'B' in Tokyo
1st flooring
Distance to ring 18-30m4-person package 'C' in Tokyo
1st floor
Distance to band 25-33mArena 'A' in Tokyo
Circumference 50cm, Pitch 90cm
2nd flooring
Length to ring 22-33mArena 'B' in Tokyo
Width 45cm, Pitch 90cm
2nd flooring
Distance to ring 31-41mArena 'C' in Tokyo
Circumference 45cm, Pitch 90cm
2nd flooring
Length to ring 37-45m

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