World s Heaviest Athlete Now

Biggest Sumo wrestler ever

therefore say your prayers and consume your nutrients, for the reason that it’s the bottom line, whenever you can smell what The Rock is cookin’! Woooo!

"The thing I'd like right now, is for all you could corn-fed, Ohio perspiration hogs to close your mouths so I takes my gown down and show your ladies what a genuine guy seems like."

After bouncing around campaigns being managed by the loves of Jimmy Hart and "pre-Paul Bearer" Percy Pringle, Rude landed in the WWF in which he made a household title for himself as a pinnacle person in the Bobby Heenan family. Later on, he'd head to WCW to feud with Sting and be one of the first previously "Paul Heyman men" because the top person in the Dangerous Alliance.

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