Haiku (Tanka)

Three Haiku by Matsuo Basho

Adults: 300 yen (team: 200 yen)
Elementary, junior high and kids: 100 yen (team: 60 yen * chaperons get no-cost)
* Group rates affect categories of 30 or higher individuals.
Preschool kids: no-cost
Visitors with certification of impairment: free Year-end and New Year holidays


This is one of Basho’s five hermitages, the other four being Mumyoan, Sairokuan, Torokuan, and Hyochikuan. Only Minomushian continues to be these days. It initially belonged to Hattori Doho, one of Basho’s disciples. To commemorate the completion associated with the hermitage in March 1688, Basho published a verse: “minomushi no ne wo kikini koyo kusa no io(come and tune in to the noise of bagworms thatched hermitage)”.
The name of hermitage had been thus obtained from the verse. At this hermitage Doho compiled Basho’s sayings and produced Sanzoshi (three-color Notebooks). > MAP

Grownups: 300 yen (team: 200 yen)
Elementary, junior high and high school students: 100 yen (team: 60 yen * chaperons get free)
* Group rates connect with categories of 30 or even more individuals.
Preschool children: free
Site visitors with certification of disability: free

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