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Biography of Matsuo Basho

Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694)

Basho (bah-shoh), pseudonym of Matsuo Munefusa (1644-94), Japanese poet, considered the best writer of Japanese haiku through the formative several years of the category. Produced into a samurai family members popular among nobility, Basho rejected that world and became a wanderer, learning Zen, history, and traditional Chinese poetry, living in evidently blissful impoverishment under a modest patronage and from donations by his numerous pupils. From 1667 he lived-in Edo (now Tokyo), where he began to create haiku.

The dwelling of their haiku reflects the simpleness of their meditative life. When he believed the need for solitude, he withdrew to their basho-an, a hut made of plantain leaves (basho)- for this reason their pseudonym. Basho infused a mystical high quality into a lot of his verse and attemptedto express universal motifs through simple normal images, from the harvest moon towards the fleas inside the cottage. Basho brought to haiku "the way in which of beauty" (fuga-no-michi), deepened its Zen influence, and approached poetry itself as an easy way of life (kado, the way of poetry) when you look at the belief that poetry might be a source of enlightenment. "Achieve enlightenment, then go back to this world of ordinary mankind, " he encouraged. And, "cannot follow inside footsteps of this old masters, but seek what they desired." His "way of elegance" failed to include the mere trappings related to style; he sought the genuine eyesight of "the ancients." His focus on the all-natural world changed this verse form from a frivolous personal pastime into an important genre of Japanese poetry.

Within the last 10 years of their life Basho made several trips, attracting from their store much more photos to inspire his contemplative poetry. He in addition worked with regional poets from the linked-verse types known as renga. And also being the supreme singer of haiku and renga, Basho published haibun, brief prose-and-poetry travelogues eg Oku-no-hosomichi (The slim path into the Far North; 1689; Eng. trans., 1974), which can be positively nonpareil when you look at the literature around the globe.

Biography by: alanchng@yahoo.com

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